Bart van Olphen makes the perfect tuna melt and homemade ketchup

The author of "The Tinned Fish Cookbook" shows you how to make a delicious sandwich with items you already have in your kitchen.
5:00 | 05/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bart van Olphen makes the perfect tuna melt and homemade ketchup
Hi Michael Serra and Kiki arc tunnel and hear all erupted in fish broker at today I'll show you how to make them tested to come out and hopefully get chip. Quick to make it's easy and so Billy Hughes and a good thing if you can find almost every single ingredient your entry. Let's pick up. Gates upwards we'll start making the homey kitchen put ketchup we have all of wild onion garlic. Tomato Constance pay people tomatoes Ron sugar. Red wine vinegar. Sold them. The red onion we use hopefully ketchup and hope and onion four bit tournament. I thought spent here. On medium heat. And I give it a good spread of olive oil. Gartman. One. Connect time roughly chopped you're here. So this is the base up this off onion garlic now we add one half tablespoons of tomato concentrate. Okay now we'll get peeled tomatoes and got to camp attained hero fourteen ounce. And whistles. And it bit of water to it. Tablespoon of Brown's younger person's weakness. A case Thomas did at the red wine vinegar tablespoon. So. Amp effort. Squeeze of tomatoes. Happens right now it's at all these flavors will infuse. Thanks so we let it simmer for 1015 minutes until the sauce has been reduced till the hall. So this fellow has been reduced to the hull and now I'm using kitchen blender. Well to finish up. I mean. Super. We just put it down mount. He easily can still work for like 345 days. You freak so about a ketchup has been made it's time put it today 08 chew them out and I'm using skip get tuna. For my dish. And then skipped it needs and a bit ridiculous PCs for no reason this great fiction delicious plate right. If affordable. And above all you will often find it sustained because if you buy attention and make sure. Is sustainable certify and call but we'll outline what I want tuna onions scallions parsley to Bosco mayonnaise. What sort of pepper cheddar some slices of Brett and brought there. Two Friday. Step number one draped acumen. OK and beyond him to give it bit of caller and I thought labor. Killian. Point. Barth late. Headed to the mix. And now it's time to give it a bit of cream and it's made it three tablespoons of mayonnaise few drops. Let's go out. Some flavor soul. But. Give it mr. Good mixed. Give it a taste. Two slices rustic Brett and I get. Side bit about it and one side of it I turn around athlete for so I've got this side and I'm going to cooperate. Which are desperate. And out on top of that you and I asked Brett thought Billy sees its energies so now if the troops but outside on the outside so one that's how many. And one on top its content and fry iPad frying pan right here at little medium heat. We don't want this to happen bird from the outside and she's not melt so medium to low heat he's going to give more heat. And they don't talk. I Penn fried like 23 minutes each side. The good news I beautiful. Currency from the outside caramelized. And he had Lou Lou Indian side. Nice crispy toast now we have the melted cheese that chatter here so we have to come out and homemade ketchup. Time for a taste me. And room. Hey guys this is one of them many delicious recipes out of mind you didn't take your broker what think you guys for having me stay strong beast today. Eat well by.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"The author of \"The Tinned Fish Cookbook\" shows you how to make a delicious sandwich with items you already have in your kitchen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70873715","title":"Bart van Olphen makes the perfect tuna melt and homemade ketchup","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/bart-van-olphen-makes-perfect-tuna-melt-homemade-70873715"}