BET’s 'Sunday Best' looks to find new gospel vocalists

Erica Campbell, Grammy Award-winning singer and judge on ‘Sunday Best,’ discussed the great performances that will be on the show!
3:54 | 07/09/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for BET’s 'Sunday Best' looks to find new gospel vocalists
Gospel music legends are teaming up once again to find that next great vocalist in an all new season in the ET's. Sunday best. Plus the show promises to bring on more great performances like this one from artist Lee Andrea Johnson take a lesson. Wow full on full line shoeless from not joining me now Grammy Award winning singer and a judge on BT's Sunday best. Erica Campbell America so great to have you with us and I'm loving your shirt. Glad to be here at wal sparkled with a Morgan you're right a little sparkle and a little love I liken it could all use a little bit about now you started taping this new season in studio then you shifted to show online of course because of of in nineteen so. Re able to hold on to that scene vibe in excitement that we see when you have the audience. Absolutely nothing at all concerned about the same thing I'll let not only are we just what we're all cranes on it really care passionate about artists. Learning and growing and just getting their opportunity to shine and we were able to still capture that I was so excited there were many times over there. In my he had overlooked my hands up put up so overwhelmed with the praise in the power and get incredible voices got some great talent this year. Hey let's talk about the voices Melvin Chris felt so why not McChrystal the third took the top spot last season. The talk about what these new performers had been due to win you over especially now that they are performing on line. They had to sing live they had to be confident and so needles of taxi here well I'm nervous because many architects garner who that recording what you wanna do this for a living this is going to be enlightened so this is your chance to show and prove that you're ready. To move forward and to settle that deal did brilliantly without a hubbub. You know it's the nature. They show everybody can't went to this great talent great moments of secret status for people beyond the journey without demanding aren't. Yeah I can't wait for it either and also we don't have to wait that went for new music from you because you're about your news soulful single is called brain. And believing. What's the message you want your listeners to take away from us. That there's someone it's. Right and they're not in it by themselves so many people elect their loved. And let them know that not only did god let them but I looked into and I pray for people I don't have to know you to pray for you wish you all the best wrapping up an assault with a choir. Column and it is a video that's on YouTube and it is really hope that it encourages early especially in times like this. There's a lot of work to do but it all Sydney starts with Freddie and believing that those prayers the country. I think that's so important remembers well Erica and we've been talking about just the power of music during these times what is it meant for you. Now while it's still healing it's a therapeutic. I think me and my kids in my husband about all of their luck with Alexa. We just Holler Eric Taylor lay a solid leads literally dance and I teach you know the moment we like I can't go see my mom right can't get out on the street and I can't he do it big. And salute legs enjoy each other and music has stayed out of that plaintiffs that we I'll speak. And I think it's happening across the world and even sought in Italy where people playing music on about balconies just encourage each other so I don't. Honored to always be part of this big music family that helps level the playing field we are asking the same night but we are big love reign in the music we all do Eric. And just like full disclosure I have a sign that says we dance in this kitchen so we do the same thing with our family thank goodness for US. And who can bring music into our lives thank you so much for being with us Erica Campbell the show is BET Sunday best. Great to have you with us and be well. Lesser god bless.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Erica Campbell, Grammy Award-winning singer and judge on ‘Sunday Best,’ discussed the great performances that will be on the show!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71695384","title":"BET’s 'Sunday Best' looks to find new gospel vocalists","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/bets-sunday-best-find-gospel-vocalists-71695384"}