Blair Underwood and Michael discuss their similar upbringings

The actor also talks about why "A Soldier's Play" still resonates today.
6:12 | 02/20/20

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Transcript for Blair Underwood and Michael discuss their similar upbringings
Black History Month and today we want to on a really important piece of work that is currently. On Broadway at the Pulitzer Prize winning drama a soldier's play and I met guest plays captain Davenport. Please welcome one and only Blair Underwood. Hey yeah. Let me see that and durable hug between DT MF. Accidentally hit me you know and in the in a trip to bountiful down and then advertisement. Yeah there was this feeling is mutual all grown up we'll get to. Out people who may. Oh yeah. Year in a solid display and yet this is amazing that they that agree or Jerry O'Connell. Please tell us now his name come see us on Broadway UK the tickets and. Well first of all this play well it was done in the eighties with a negro ensemble company started Denzel Washington Sam Jack not. A young David Alan Grier wants a younger you give matters that. Holland but no it's it's a murder mystery of course that plea was made into a movie a soldier's story success and that was this all yet but it's it's it's a murder mystery it's a who'd sunset in 1944. Louisiana and David angriest character is murdered I come in as captain Davenport a trained lawyer. Who investigates a murder that's the setup. And from that point oh. Gained his funky and fun. No I nineties these and this was off Friday from you know how you just said it's had a it's it's time how is it still read relevant. They noticed any problem with these and then another enough and a why did it still resonate today like why is this still something people are well listen I I I it. Use as a murder mystery but. Beyond that the characters and what we delve into in terms of human relationships in a personal relationships. Self loathing racism racial dynamics all of not all of that still resonates to this that it. So how we feel about ourselves how the outside world treats us as as black people this is. You know about nine black men and three white Brothers on on stage mr. Jerry O'Connell at. At home but it's it's the big gets very very deep we have a good time doing it because we get to play and singles place but it's it's very profound progress but still relevant. Yeah and we have similar backgrounds we bulls ripple military yeah problems of Arafat look officers do it to learn that yesterday but we didn't admit you know. And a few days ago they don't have always finish first second admit you those like I liked his do we get all well it's a very easy in what part of growing belt and an environment do you bring to the play doom ultimately get well listen you know my dad being retired army colonel just growing up on these military bases there is a thing called. You sit with. Police officers with astronauts definitely in the military you know what I'm talking. There's I think on military bearing. How you walk how you talk how you present yourself. And I know as an act messier actors on stage or in film who who don't know that aren't familiar with that I certainly don't you perpetrating. Company U life to dog tears when your life in the waiting you can have a seat being in view of the world. Now we you know it's it's a sense of the country on our duty you know we are we were raised by Bennett as a kid. As an African American kid in the sixties and seventies. And sixties and so. You know we'll reason though that when you walk up that dorks my dad was rare to have an African American. Officer here in the sixties so we represented. Ourselves and abandoning my father's rank don't embarrass him. Our country I saw the S and I really think again but but. You always help me in this career that I have you know very selective in the rules are taken you know what I do how you present yourself what you represent is is much more its larger than you he would. This election community ceballos as well thank you. Right not this time because he was treated a certain way and he said I'm going to turn this rain and looking back an officer in it was due to that treatment. He went to the military at a high school would now. And what's into the military enlisted in the he could have any control be. Have any influence without being an officer he felt he got out of the military would five key it would be on the way. Went to college at thirty something years ago graduated magna cum laude from privy university with back into the military at an officer. So was like that's why his story can go home brewed and I gotta talk for a limited. Series. It wasn't about to get that this is the dissidents the job you get it done here on the excuses that's right at the guide rope around their but I think one thing that I gave Blair contested this. Runup in the military you have to be around so many different people and built many different places that you don't see colleague you don't see you see good in bed. And it is kind of simple simplify what it did you. Actually have them and respect other people cultures in country than in your own as well. Pretoria and yeah. And say yeah you sure this is not a litany of certain. How bold Craig's. I'm few humans it's well what about that. I think that every night in. Let's say in response are you know what theater is about the best kind of theater makes you laugh cry think and you have funds superficial moments like that it's fine as long with the from the else think it. Okay evolved to the conference compromise we're we're going dramatically and emotionally in a dozen calls. An analyst Alan of the labor locally little thing that god yeah. I would be thinking among the blue. And even. New Orleans that might rub what does your back on. I'm glad we really loved having you call me let us know. Knew my. Play at that. I'm theater here in New York City through march 15 you have three weeks you know they're in check it.

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{"duration":"6:12","description":"The actor also talks about why \"A Soldier's Play\" still resonates today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69102058","title":"Blair Underwood and Michael discuss their similar upbringings","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/blair-underwood-michael-discuss-similar-upbringings-69102058"}