Detox your skin right now with these important tips

Dermatologist Dr. Dendy shows you the way to healthier skin in 2020.
5:43 | 01/13/20

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Transcript for Detox your skin right now with these important tips
Because I love and consume all things skin care, one thing I want to learn more about this year is how to detox our skin. We brought in the best of the best who treats the best in Hollywood. Please welcome board certified dermatologist, Dr. Dendy. Thanks for having me. Before we get started we're taking a hydration challenge with Dr. Ashton. We're already upping how much water we're drinking. Buut what's a detox and why is it important. It's a new year. We're thinking about our routines, whether it's diet or exercise. We need to detox our skin care routine. We have our medicine cabinet filled with things. We may counteracting what or adding steps. Clean house a little. Marie Kondo the medicine cabinet. We have a picture. This one to me looks beautiful and very well done. Beautiful products. Probably 35 different -- Lots of stuff in there. So my patients come to me all the time and they're like, what are the non-negotiables? This is your first tip. The five pillars of skin care. These are the things that everyone can use. For every skin type. These are the basics. The skeleton routine. That's right. That's right. So, what are they? We got a gentle cleanser. This is really important for getting the dirt, the grime, the makeup off but in a gentle way, in order to prep the skin for what's going to come on next. This is the morning routine. Four steps in the morning. Cleanse with cetaphil. This is a new product with vitamin C. Everyone needs vitamin C and antioxidants in their skin. Because it protects against free-rad Dall damage. It protects from the environment. We put that on in the morning. Before exposing our skin to the day. Then we're going to hydrate. This is Neutrogena. Hydro boost. It holds a thousand times its molecular weight in water. While we're drinking from the inside-out this will add from the outside-in. And then no dermatologist would be complete without recommending a daily sunscreen. 365. I want you having sunscreen on. This is great one, spf 50. I use that one. It's tainted so it gives a little color. And what about the last one? So, at night all we're going to do is cleanse and then put on vitamin a, not vitamin C, that's a retinoid. I used to prescribe this different. It was $300 at the pharmacy and now it's $12 over the counter. All the benefits. You can hydrate again at night. These five. And what I love is, I have seen a lot of these brands at the local drugstores. You don't have to throw the bank at to get your skin. This is all under $35. What is our next tip? The our next step is steaming the face. They steam your face before they work on it. That has multiple benefits. It feels great. This one is really small but it's very mighty. It gives you a lot of steam. Helps to warm the skin, bring oxygen, it opens the pores so if you want to decongest you can do that. Which is an extraction. But it also means that the products you're using will go in better. Exactly, because there's more blood flow. It's bringing more of the product into the skin. Okay, okay. Now I've always avoided extractions at home, which is messing with your skin. It's worse when you mess with it. If someone takes that upon themselves. We preach all the time, don't -- don't pick your skin -- Don't do it. The reality is, most people can't keep their hands off. If you're going to do it, I want to do it in the safe way. Steam first. Or use tissues, don't go in with bare fingers. Be gentle. Our last station over here, we got Isabella. Hi, Isabella. Now tell us about this. This is a mask that you're making here. Okay, I love at-home masks. One you probably have all these ingredients in your refrigerator. It's inexpensive but has tons of beauty benefits. You're going to mash up the avocado. Then add in some honey. A little bit of lemon. The avocado has omega-6 fatty acids. And then the citric acid from the lemon is brightening. We're hydrating, brightening and moisturizing. Okay, now, how many times a week do you do this? Once a week is fine. You leave it on for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. I'll show you like -- How does that feel? How does that feel to you? It feels really refreshing? Oh, wow. That's amazing. So once a week, about ten minutes. You can do this right at home. Anyone can do it. It's expensive. Doing your self-care, use a toner, like witch hazel, to keep that bacteria off. Thank you, Isabella. Thank you, Dr. Dendy. I'm obsessed with my skin and now I feel better about it. Thank you so much for all these lovely tips. Good luck at home.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"Dermatologist Dr. Dendy shows you the way to healthier skin in 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68249770","title":"Detox your skin right now with these important tips","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/detox-skin-now-important-tips-68249770"}