Erika Jayne won't talk to Lisa Vanderpump again

The “RHOBH” star talks about her former castmates, her Broadway debut in "Chicago" and more.
5:34 | 02/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Erika Jayne won't talk to Lisa Vanderpump again
being unapologetically herself on "The real housewives of Beverly hills" and now she's landed a dream role of Roxie hart in "Chicago". Please welcome Erika Jayne. Hello, how are you? Thank you. You look so amazing. Thank you. I was literally driving to work the other morning like 5 something in the morning and I look at the billboard and there you are. Can you believe it? It's out here. But it's like right here. It's so amazing. It feels good. A dream come true moment. And another cool thing is, I heard a bunch of your castmates from "Beverly hills" came to support you at the show. All the women came to the show. It was great. When they came on stage at the very end I burst into tears. I don't know why, it was a moment. A magical moment. I think when you know they're coming just to support you, no cameras -- They didn't have to come. They wanted to come. They wanted to. So it was nice. Who was the rowdiest? That would be Kyle or Lisa rinna, who had been Roxie before. What's scarier, being on stage every night or "Real housewives" reunion? That would be on stage on Broadway every night. Reunion, you have an emotional meltdown before you get there. It's confrontation on camera, right, and it's a marathon. It's like an all-day marathon. We talked about you -- you're starring in "Chicago." The whole cast coming to see. But one ex-cast member who wasn't there, Lisa vanderpump. She left the show midseason last year, have you talked to her? No, I haven't and probably won't. Really? No. No need? No need. Nothing to clear up in. What is done is done. Okay. Oh, my gosh. But one thing -- I mean. How do we build off that? One thing, though, that you're known for is, everyone turns in for the housewives because of the drama, the reunions, you sidestepped a lot of that yet you're a fan favorite you don't seem to get in the middle -- I get in the middle of what I believe in. If I'm upset I'm upset. If I'm angry I'm angry. If it's not authentic I'm not going to do it. You don't stir other people's tea. No, but I will listen. No way, you didn't hear it from me. You're performing as Roxie for three months, how far are you in the run? Six weeks I'm in the middle. I have six weeks to go. How challenging has it been thus far -- Keke, keke, she's a grind. She is a grind. This isn't my day off. I have a show tonight. Yesterday was my day off. I worked yesterday. It's great. Talk about a challenge -- physical, emotional, mental, like every day, and you know people pay the money and you got to get out there performed. Was this a bucket list item? Absolutely. I think it is for every performer. Absolutely. I think that every performer should have a Broadway experience. Because there's nothing like it. To me in my mind it's like the olympics. Oh, honey, yeah. For the arts. It is. It's discipline Yes. It really comes down to be disciplined. You're very disciplined because we work out together. What? I can't believe you didn't tell us. Why don't we work out with you? Why do you got to be about you? But a beast in the gym and so we can't let you leave without showing us some of these moves. You got to show us some of the moves from your show. All right. All right, come on down. All right. So, she's known for being sensual, internal, not necessarily bigger but important. That's right. She's got her water bovlt. You're ready. Are you ready? I'm ready. We're going to take our hips and send them to the left like a circle, just in a small circle and we're going to make it complete. All right. That's right. That's right. There we go. And that's called the mess around. Someone's messing around. It doesn't have to be big it just has to be important. The mess around? The mess around. The mess around?

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"The “RHOBH” star talks about her former castmates, her Broadway debut in \"Chicago\" and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69125735","title":"Erika Jayne won't talk to Lisa Vanderpump again","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/erika-jayne-talk-lisa-vanderpump-69125735"}