Hilaria Baldwin didn't tell Alec Baldwin she was going into labor

Sara, Hilaria and Daphne Oz reveal their most embarrassing momfessions.
4:21 | 10/07/19

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Transcript for Hilaria Baldwin didn't tell Alec Baldwin she was going into labor
I will love no matter what. All wonderful. That's so amazing. Can you tell us -- make us feel real here. What is is your mom-fession? I have many. The one I wanted to tell you guys is my husband has his moments. I'm good with those moments except when I'm in labor. When I'm in labor, I like it to be very namaste. I can't take care of other people at that time. The first time I'm going into labor, this is my daughter in the middle of the night. I'm walking around. I walk the dogs because I do everything. He's sleeping. Eventually I'm like we have to go to the hospital. The second time -- then he was kind of high maintenance through. I feel like a lot of husbands are. They feel like they're out of control. It's a really difficult experience for them too. Second time in labor, 23 hours. It was -- he kept on saying are you having this baby or not. I kept kicking him. Could you give me a 15 minute I want to get a coffee. The third time I went into labor I didn't tell him. I went into the hospital alone. Did you walk the dogs? He did. He's like they haven't pooped yet. I'm holding on to the desk of my doorman screaming. I would let the dogs poop in the hall way. The third time around we have joint schedules. I know what he's doing. I went into labor. And you didn't tell him? I didn't tell him. It was great. I invited a friend. I labored with a friend. Then eventually I got my epidural. Once I got my epidural, I was like he can come. Last time I got induced. I went alone and called when I was ready for him. It was great. That is amazing. How was your husband? We have a very clear rule which is just I want John in the room with me. I'm thrilled to have him there. He can't give me any words of encouragement. If you tell me I'm doing a great job, I will smack you and put you out of the labor room. I need to be there for myself. I need to get in my head and feel the baby. He's my strength. He's there. He gets his white t-shirt stamped with the kids' footprints and it's all good. As long as he's not there saying you're a champ, it's good. My epidural fell out the last time. I was doing natural labor. Max called me from the hotel -- from the hospital room. He said let me know if you need me. There were colorful responses to that. How are your husbands when the pushing come? My Alex is amazing. He has something to do. No. They told him what to do. Max pushed off my head to look below. He held you down? She said tuck your chin. He pushed me down to lean over to see our new baby. That's hilarious. I told Alec he couldn't be there. We had an agreement as well. It all hit the fan when max pushed off my face. Daphne, we want to hear from you. Pregnancy mom-fession? Yes. I don't eat food in the closet. I want my kids to have a healthy relationship with food, healthy food. They'll see me eat what I like to eat. They don't need to see it. I don't need to put it in their face. We were in L.A. Taping "Master chef junior." There was an amazing ice cream store the kids love to go to. I was really pregnant. It was hot. It was is the summer. Occasionally on my way home from work -- Was it occasional? Look at me now. We can decide if it's occasional or not. I would stop on my way off from work and get a great ice cream if it was an indulgent day, I would take a walk around the block while I ate it. Then I would go home and we had broccoli and kale pasta for dinner. It's all good. I feel really confident that it was a way for me to reward myself and my pregnant belly. My kids don't need to know any different. Thank you. You guys have to come back again. This is what you do on your podcast. If you haven't checked it out -- It feels good. It's cathartic. Check it out. It's "Mom brain." If you have a mom-fession tweet us using the #imomfessed." And you did. Here's your buttons. Coming up chiwetel ejiofor is here to talk about the new

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Sara, Hilaria and Daphne Oz reveal their most embarrassing momfessions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66113992","title":"Hilaria Baldwin didn't tell Alec Baldwin she was going into labor","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/hilaria-baldwin-alec-baldwin-labor-66113992"}