James Charles' fall makeup makeovers

The makeup guru shows you three ways to change up your look for the season.
4:53 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for James Charles' fall makeup makeovers
Let's begin until they love. I really didn't make public to these three beautiful girl whom we out of your data and you know what that's get into what you did so yeah. Yeah. Why are you that tell me about the breeder of the heat surprise earlier hours at a clip of what they did when they actually first met him couldn't really. Okay. Yeah yeah. And yeah. Okay. I even got angry Harry I'm also and you live beautifully you won't or some to question did you have vision today. I'm looking for some tips on how to do a dark smoky eyes I can never seem to pull it off Yost long dark smoky eye at the very Turkey feast Oxley tackle believe it or not because. If you like put a lot of luck and I can get really Massey really costing to look like a black eye which is Oxley not what we want. For the Bonn Oxley has really really beautiful facial structure. Clearly on her eyes are very like. Pulled up which has a solemn model asked in court just sue other black smoke behind us top on some blocks how to run until led credit wings are a little that would truly like. It's not just her face in the bus a possible heat oven to simply wandered out using a little bit of Burgundy and a little bit of Orange as well decide how the transition color. To blunt talking to her skin tone social importance use a lot of colors and kind of layered downwards to gets about block. Rather than just flopping from Wacom they're calling it today because that's when the tunnel killing Massey until what did you put what was the first layer coalition put all before get Atlanta what we did a Little Rock first escalated dominate like Atlanta some cranberry had. A little bit of boutique in the palette OK a little bit of code seems are on the top in the Gabon and then went back in the block flared on over topped the finish up the line. Call not a me want Canada questions that you have to Jay today what do you look at to do this fox. I'm so technically I like to do new flex back for this fall I really wanna start doing some jewel tones and I was wondering my how to incorporate and patterns Mac untapped resource that you have a beautiful brown eyes and one thing that I know about the policies and as does all the colors that you see so I drop in upstate New York on the felony York everybody yeah. And LA we obviously see a beautiful trees but we don't get do you crisp fall colors and you see here. It is the one thing that I that's so much so look for that's equivalent to appropriate some reds and browns and oranges to really bring in those like fall. Five so just what we data. It on and some simple light orange into the crease for a beautiful transition shape. At least evened up in the outer corners using. They middle row of the power right here the mineral we actually created with a purposely bigger hands because he's going to be the cause you probably used most often for every day. Go to glam look so. Little little bit of marketing advice probably. I'm we receive the literal dependent even it up and then we just popped a little bit of on the caller called wag. It pal onto the outer corner for a little bit about grounds about jewel tone and the little little gold rally in a corner for nice pop to really bring out the bra under her eyes and draw attention. Strahan. Love the mouth filling it yeah. The navy is a light brown now he's with the darker brown you know being higher in the crease with some of that orgy but kind of come out. So once again using the same what kind of Burgundy to maroon tones on the would have on the power and then that started the deeper one tone browns to get telling various fall. Crist leaves falling in the wind. Yeah. Head. Yeah. Yeah. And video and a surprise it's I don't know. The gorgeous so what do you leading to talk about yeah about your new make it look so I am mama five I have not. Yet and com I have no time for makeup and my friend Darryl is coming to add some color anything with Halloween coming up it's a great time yeah. Lieutenant did I think you re a great question that a lot of people are actually asking at what I didn't make up of the person on myself it was actually for Halloween and how that's kind of late. Mya make a birthday coming up an updated us on notice that it far. I'm so without revealing pilot to kind of creole look as if comes who's going to a Halloween party selling like. What would she be the person can run was just a wet CF and I think what you think like very purple very previous totals are also really beautiful color supply weather during the offseason. So we just use that purple seats in the palette. On her literate at the top of the news a pop up like. McCree in the a little bit of all classrooms to kind of bland and she does have a beautiful beautiful stunning green eyes so you can just type look together somewhat likely to imagine her. Kind of casting a spell on me yeah. Well the audience you all gone home with the new Levy James shot a man. Okay.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"The makeup guru shows you three ways to change up your look for the season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66325152","title":"James Charles' fall makeup makeovers ","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/james-charles-fall-makeup-makeovers-66325152"}