Keke's Reality Recap: 'RHOP,' 'Survivor' and 'Married to Medicine'

Keke gets real about this week's drama from the reality world.
6:46 | 10/04/19

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Transcript for Keke's Reality Recap: 'RHOP,' 'Survivor' and 'Married to Medicine'
crazy stuff that happened in reality TV. It's time for "Keke's reality recap." Take it away, keke. Thank you, guys. I get the fact that people have too many important things going on in their lives to keep up with the reality TV shows. Lucky for you I don't have too much going on. I got you covered. We're breaking down "The real housewives of potomac," "Survivor" and "Married to medicine." Let's get into it. First we have part three of the reunion of the "Real housewives of the potomac." I know what you're thinking. All they do is reunite. They spend more time reuniting than uniting in the first place. Last time they Teed us up for Michael's entrance. Michael is Darby's husband. He has allegedly grabbed quite a few people's butts. He was ready to set the record straight. Let's take a look. I want you to say your piece. You came and we want to hear your side. The incident which I described was bumping this cameraman. After the shooting he made a claim, it was not a charge. It was a claim by an individual. The charges were not dropped. The claim was thrown out. The claim had no evidence so it was thrown out. Wait. Wait. So it was a claim, not a charge, carry the one. Reality TV is not supposed to be that hard. You're not supposed to think that hard. I feel like he's distracting us. Answer the question, love. Did you grab that butt or not? It wasn't a groping. It was a tap. It happens all the time. You see it in sports all the time. It's a normal thing to do. Sorry. By the way, I'm from a different country. Michael, does Australia know that you're speaking on their behalf? Hold on, I got Australia on the line. They said they don't do that. Nothing is resolved. At the end of the day we have to wait to see season five, for the reunion show or the trial. Next up we have "Survivor," the reality show that started almost 20 years ago. This season marks the 39th season of "Survivor." You know who the real survivor is? Jeff Probst. He knows how to keep a job. I love this episode. The men on one of the tribes kept trying to start a fire and were ready to go another cold and rainy night without warmth. Then a woman showed up. We've been talking about fire since day one, hour one of building the camp. It's not easy. Watch out. You got a girl with a knife. There we go. The guys in this tribe, they're cool, but the girls are dominating. We can do anything they can do. In fact, we're doing it better. If I said it once I've said it a thousand times. Men, who needs 'em? This was only episode two and I'm hooked. We'll cover more of this as the season goes on. Finally we have bravo's "Married to medicine" and the doctors are insane. I love this show. "Married to medicine" is about successful women in the Atlanta area who are doctors, dentists or married to one. This week my favorite Atlanta ladies were introduced to one of the biggest reality villains in history. Joslin. Where did Joslin come from? She's the Puerto Rico princess. She was introduced on "Love and hip-hop Atlanta." She stole Stevie J. Too. Michael, wait. Where did that come from? I got a lot of jobs, but I take a break too. My little protege. I'll take it from there. Buffy invites her good friend Joslin to the party and Joslin started stirring the pot. I take my daughter to school every day. It's a job. Not really. What you call it? I call it being a mother. Being a mother is a full-time I don't think so. You know, we're gonna keep letting you live it up not paying your taxes. Y'all I don't usually do impressions, but I'm going to do an impression of the producers after Joslin came on the show. Jackpot! She brought the house down. Down! I have my theories about Joslin's interests. Dr. Heavenly had one too. Take a look. That was a setup from the beginning. You thought it was a setup? I did. Why? I thought buffy set up Toya. I thought maybe they had words previously. I thought she setup the girl. She came straight in and went to Toya. Oh, honey the tea is piping and let's keep on sipping on to the next party. If we learned anything from reality, parties incite drama, drama incite ratings and ratings incite the drive to the bank. I'll make this quick. Toya is mad at buffy because buffy brought Joslin to the last party. So Toya didn't invite buffy to this party. Hey, Toya. Where you at? About five minutes away. Buffy and I will be there shortly. Hi, Toya, this is buffy happy birthday. Thank you. Isn't that great? Who needs enemies when you have friends that will invite your enemies to your party? Reality TV strikes again. That concludes your reality recap for the week. Tune in next time, more drama to come, love. Great job. We want to hear from all you reality watchers. Post your comments with the #kekegetsreal on social media. Tell us which shows you want keke to break down next week on "Reality recap."

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"Keke gets real about this week's drama from the reality world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66070045","title":"Keke's Reality Recap: 'RHOP,' 'Survivor' and 'Married to Medicine'","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/kekes-reality-recap-rhop-survivor-married-medicine-66070045"}