Should Meghan Markle have been at royal meeting?

Michael, Sara and Keke on the latest developments with Prince Harry, Meghan and the queen.
5:27 | 01/14/20

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Transcript for Should Meghan Markle have been at royal meeting?
But I got to sip because there's a lot of talking coming up. We're going to give you guys an update on the royal situation. As we're calling it the "Royal rumble." That's right, the queen met with prince Harry, met with his brother prince William, the father prince Charles and Meghan Markle who couldn't make it to the meeting was supposed to phone in from Canada, and apparently she didn't phone in from Canada. They're all meeting up to make a resolution about Harry and Meghan leaving the royal family. Kwiend of having their own life in North America as well as in England. The queen released a statement, my family and I are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan's desire to create a new life as a young family. Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working members of the royal family. We respect and understand their wish to live an independent life as family while remaining a valued part of my family. That's awesome. I like it. I love that. So, Meghan was supposed to call in because she's in Canada with baby Archie but she didn't call into the call. It was everybody at the castle with the queen. Do you think she should have been at the meeting with the queen? If she wanted to be. I think she had a better day without that meeting. That's just my thought. But, it's involving her. Yeah, it's kind of one of those things they all play the they're all Royals. They're trained. You watch "The crown." They go to school for that. They do all this stuff to teach this and now she's gotten her freedom. I don't need to be there. Just give me the notes. With how everyone's treated her, I'd be like, just give me the notes. Seriously. I was looking at some articles the other day. It was really interesting because they took pictures from Kate Middleton and took the same type of pictures cradling her baby bump. And the same from Meghan. They showed the different headlines. How the press were covering each. For one, oh, cradling her baby bump. The other one, what is she doing? Is that some new age parenting thing? She can't keep her hands off her stomach. It's like 20 different headlines from 20 similar pictures between the two and how differently Meghan Markle's treated is remarkable. I think for her it's got to be tough. Because you're not born into like you said. You're from a whole different you know, it's a fairytale to see it on TV. But once you get into, it's a full-time job. It is. And it's a big responsibility. But I go to to give it to Harry for stepping in for his woman. I really love how he has her back like that. Maybe they'll come back one day. We understand it. We get it. We're able to handle it. I hope the brothers are okay. That's the only thing that bothers me. Knowing they lost their mother and all of that is due to Paparazzi. The Paparazzi running away. I just don't want the brothers to not be okay. I know you have to branch out and make your own family. When you hear the rumors there's something not good for them that weighs on my heart. You heard the wives didn't get along. If that's your brother and you love your brother you make it happen. That's just what it is. They may usher in a new whole Absolutely. But it seemed like things were going well for the Royals, and then all this stuff happened. We reached out to Harry and Meghan to see if they wanted to come on the show to discuss it, as you know -- She didn't phone into us. The thing is, they didn't say no, they just didn't respond. So, we tried to book them. Since we couldn't, madame tussauds wax museum in London are going to separate them in the museum. Harry and Meghan are now going to the celebrity section of the museum. Just the celebrity section. Away from the Royals, yeah. So we tried to get them. Nobody hit us back. We were able to do something special. We booked the wax figures of Harry and Meghan. They are here with us today. From madame tussauds. I think -- It looks really good. But you know, things are still so frosty that when we reached out to them, we need to have the queen too, but queen is still so mad she's standing over there next to Rory. She was just telling me about -- she was just telling me about "The circle" on Netflix. She said it's really good. I got to talk to her about "The crown" a little later, too. When I looked over for a second I didn't realize -- the queen's here. Oh, my goodness. We got to give a big thank you to madame tussauds for loaning us the Royals. We appreciate it. We're okay with that.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"Michael, Sara and Keke on the latest developments with Prince Harry, Meghan and the queen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68274656","title":"Should Meghan Markle have been at royal meeting?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/meghan-markle-royal-meeting-68274656"}