Michael, Sara and Bethenny dance with viral 'cheer dad'

Air Force Captain Hekili Holland and daughter Mackenzi show the hosts the cheerleading moves that made him famous.
5:18 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for Michael, Sara and Bethenny dance with viral 'cheer dad'
We'd love highlighting the great feel good story that they're so what if I'm fall or. You gotta see this. Air force captain hate Keeley Holland with caught on camera cherry not a daughter in her York high school cheerleading squad. The very proud daddy went above and beyond. To show his support. Okay. And I'm. So we want this they have you've been redeem you. So okay we we saw that he video. You know last week or so Michael what. Inspired you to learn this year episode began the season I would try and mimic her moves this to see what kind of reaction I would get from her own astronomy and Beers regard it sometimes yes. Like I got a reaction or she was smile her teammates would smile so I just kept doing it was how far can take it. And so finally I kind of went to her her room and then I'll like you're not even a stream until I didn't share. She said okay dad does this end but always sort of an America's nonstop but she seasoning on wall. Data ultimatum we're out even the through the delta. Yeah yeah yeah that's it that's amazing when did you realize that it went viral needed somebody phone calls. And not until Monday Tuesday when I started going out to some of the newscast news agencies Scott woman they got into the video. Sort of calm in asking my permission McCain you are you okay with this and what you saw on some of the local stations across the country and and you know Jim make calls and on and it networks call it's like oh this is crazy it's a surreal. Oh yeah. Yeah the pressure on the child huh. At the annual winning it kind of blew up what did your friends today my friends are just teasing me about a CEMIG. You're a celebrity in all my teachers economy adding clad my friend Qaeda in in my cheered team is just like they're enjoying it like Hayden. One of the sweetest people I've met it's just been. Three times pleasing your dad's super running. You I don't take your during the game he's elegant version to add Richard had sentences and Sosa real well that's so me and what should they gave me a good. Yeah. So anyway you you've got them and so it's unhappy. So we're okay. You wouldn't know how the study on and it is so we're gonna do is we're gonna go parallel to test all other dad who could. This circle around and doing out here Alaska's. And then go back to tell us ten shots in the end stick around the other side Andy would tear right side. Yeah CEMIG back. See how this is what you could have been back and winning an academy. Philadelphia everybody. Then who the rockets who. Well I wanna turnarounds like dog and ASEAN should just stand. A list you want to turn into. Let MLS. Let me go back to know how went clear right. Last and they got hot present health found inside the tunnel boring like he got the Big Dig into an accident on January wearing the anxiety that's unfocused and I might file. Aren't. But we have been thinking how you state. Didn't help it. Okay. You know what we were doing at. And even Solomon every definite. I don't believe we. We get a we have something for you okay. Because you wanna be will make you feel like even more. Bigger part of the team in our teams we have we'll get well. Okay. Okay. You know Joseph good. You do it.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"Air Force Captain Hekili Holland and daughter Mackenzi show the hosts the cheerleading moves that made him famous.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66916415","title":"Michael, Sara and Bethenny dance with viral 'cheer dad'","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/michael-sara-bethenny-dance-viral-cheer-dad-66916415"}