How Michael, Sara and Keke have learned from their mistakes

After Brad Pitt opened up about his past, the hosts take a moment to share the lessons they've learned.
3:07 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for How Michael, Sara and Keke have learned from their mistakes
You can eat it really needs an interview this week with Brad Pitt where you heat you know he's notoriously private about you know you get personal life. But Brad seventh and searching for forgiveness for himself over some of the bad choices he's made. That he actually has learned to appreciate it because they become ways to get yes well. And meets me ask have you click ever had a regret or something that you had to learn from. They don't look at me cannot be married and divorced. Yeah I know that. Anyway you have many you have the power answers I don't know. Probably did it occurs to him as a peaks. You. I mean yet many different things like that think the main thing that I act continuously have to learn that is a mistaken and I you know have learned from it. It's of the give myself I think forgiving yourself can be the hardest thing. I'm. I'm not so when a local art talent is okay and he said it's okay that his single what you want it's okay to feel these things you don't have to be so strong melodic turns to look at it had to be perfectly. And life like always and working to the next thing without slowing down to just a pre she what's around you and every pitch when you're looking you sometimes miss the gifts that are given to you yes I think in I look back in my twenties until much I missed things in the name of like achievement. And I didn't stop to just relate you're not promised another day and you need to agree with Daniel B presents a serious. Because yeah I had to learn the same thing. Do you get so used to lead the Mexican Mecca with Matthew forget the live in the moment then he put the must press on yourself and act and you don't learn to forgive yourself with something goes wrong yeah. And I also think it's to be approaching after attributing the gratitude in I learned early on that if you you want something or you wanna change something it's really up to you yeah and when I was thirteen and nearby called me Bob. It was meant William Leon back. Yeah OK yeah. It's not iTunes. I'm sorry. And start yeah. Then you would please yeah. Our UK business it worked out okay nearly coupled with W when he did you do you listen but you know Bob booty got back in big nobody. Com if my immediate call it may be really. After working out my thirteenth. In if you want it enough I do want a chain saw the value like with the and it's up do you you can deal have you wanna be used have to commit yourself to do it if reveal worked out that's something I'll always remember. Did because someone else think competence that cup winners cup that you want you could make it happen you're likely help. And I thought you guys vandalism to do to do we would do its Gagne.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"After Brad Pitt opened up about his past, the hosts take a moment to share the lessons they've learned.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67496589","title":"How Michael, Sara and Keke have learned from their mistakes","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/michael-sara-keke-learned-mistakes-67496589"}