Michael's mannequin surprise

Tory Johnson has some last chance Deals & Steals and one big surprise for Michael.
5:08 | 12/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael's mannequin surprise
Tory Johnson is here to give you deals on last-chance items. We partnered with these companies to bring you incredible savings. Tory we're having way too much fun with this one. Michael, just checked something off his list. I'm going to buy these because Terry Bradshaw sweats like a farm animal. It's like a Beyonce fan. I would have told you to put your hair in a ponytail so your hair doesn't get into this. "W" fan is what this is. It goes right around your neck. You can cool off any time anywhere, whether you're on TV or whatever. You're sitting at your desk and it's a little warm. Normally $36. Today slashed in half $18. Hold it down and it's got three speeds and you adjust it where you need it. Hot flashers. Next up -- this is one of Oprah's favorite things. Watch this -- The fans are messing with our microphones. Sorry. You'll be a little warm during the segment. This has two zippered compartments. One to put jewelry in and the top for cosmetics. This is looks like something from Bob the builder. That's the fix it kit. Awesome. All these little boxes for jewelry, the prices are incredible. Everything is slashed up to 80%, 12 to $25. This is like a macgyver kit. That's an awesome gift. Pudus, super soft, Cody, faux. Kids, womens, men, everybody. Huge assortment, mittens. What's the deal Tory? Slashed in half $7.50 to $20. Those are comfortable. Aquis hair towels, the fastest easiest way to dry your hair without putting a heavy towel on your hair. It dries your hair quicker. It prevents break age because it's lighter. It's very light. It's very light, but ultra absorbent. We have other products. 21 to $35 regularly. Today slashed in half at $10.50. And it fits everybody. Born shoes. Big assort of women's boots. They're water proof and ultra comfortable. Everything is about comfort. They are super stylish and fun. These are the boots. There's loafers and other stuff online. Today slashed in half. They start at $45. This one I brought just for Sara. I'm obsessed with Cheryl's cookies. Cheryl's cookies are her jam. If you guys like a sugar cookie, these are the best you'll ever find. You guys want any? There you go. After the segment we'll pass them out. Don't give every sugar cookie away. Sara is going to fight you for it. I opened these for you. It's the best sugar cookie. They're really fun for offices, family gifts too because they're individually wrapped. Today slashed in half $13.50. Finally some cozy stuff all in one size fits all. Feel how soft this -- I love this plaid one. Ahhh! Exceptional. Exceptional. That is good. That is good. We didn't even get that scared. You'll love me after I choke on this cookie, man. That was good. He never gets scared. That was good. We couldn't help ourselves. We had to have a little fun. Mannequin scare, viral challenge. Looks like we did it. In all seriousness David and young makes an awesome poncho and hats. He's recovering. We're going to look super stylish like the mannequin. 30 to $59 regularly. Today all slashed in half starting at $15. Mannequin not included. Tory, do you ha any underwear deals? I'm going to find out who is under that. I'm coming for you. I could have choked on this cookie. He's never going to trust me again. No. Good job, Michael. Our audience is going home with products from Cheryl's cookies.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Tory Johnson has some last chance Deals & Steals and one big surprise for Michael.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67629183","title":"Michael's mannequin surprise","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/michaels-mannequin-surprise-67629183"}