Michel Symon's delicious veggie mac and cheese

The chef is serving up a dish from his new cookbook, "Fix It With Food."
6:21 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for Michel Symon's delicious veggie mac and cheese
It could apply today all what it isn't very exciting day guys want your right at the cook for you both. I love the you're you're gone don't. What do I you know Lassiter it came out with my new book for two with who yet I'm glad. Okay. Yeah good about it I have to your thumb. Inflammatory things that have happened to me from Miami to autoimmune diseases I have already. And I have external lupus and the both. Inflammation really makes them heard on me I went through this whole process and I'm like oh my god it actually worked up until I could. And had. Spiritual book the book like. There's attending reboot in the book which but tactics out everything that essentially causes inflammation and meet. Dairy palm sugar. Alcohol. Every guy hey I know I mean we're right. The scenarios the good news but it's only ten days. OK and then you start getting the things one record at times you Richard triggers are my personal triggers were dairy and sugar Gary all the little people's army song of flower song is. L Hassell vitriolic views these up because gas Odeo. I'm but I got the drug would go. Over the past couple months but we are all fully aware of that. Yourself out of than anybody I know how I'm appreciative of that. What are you making up today so today I'm gonna make you a Mac and cheese Oscar movies so creamy and delicious. And I'm not. Going to have dairy unit which is going to be shocking to you when you try. So the first thing that we did is is a lot of people home may known you'd diss me not Liz my wife is of was of Egan in a vegetarian spotter like so she kind of shall be all these trucks. When she was and begin. And how she got dairy aisle of her life would still enjoyed your one problem. This used to make this whole made parmesan cheese again with no she's actually in that. I know that sounds very weird Bob you're seeing the paradigm of cheese is an air quotes from Iraq it's an air quotes children wave that she did it. Is it is. Pump nutritional yeast pension concessions pulverized a little bit. Of garlic and salt and then you get this mixture that really our decision to use the mixture on the you don't just give a little yellow alert. I am mostly men and edit it did give you that poultry from Miami last that she's will be and then they need I don't know I. Georgia officials really good trips. She is. Susan comes or not only person put up with me for thirty years which he also figured out how to make she doubted knobs and he. He's I. I did I come from communities I'm sure tomatoes we take these we toss and together with a little bit extra virgin olive oil and salt. And leave them out on a sheet tray and I roast them for about forty minutes until some of that moisture comes out so now. We're gonna make our root out now and this is the base of the fuel. Our own room so old rule is. And then like you were just in Louisiana almost rich sauces that there they picketed the thickening in July that correct they use a black owner armed to cochlear dark brown brew their because they have a little but 100 players. We're gonna use a more neutral roof now or rue is typical typically equal parts of fact. And flour and when you mix your room what you're looking for is a wet singing and consistency. And that means that you have. The right combination shall see how what I do that it looks like. Rain on the beach took cooking is easy if you just kinda don't over think it you know like this is fat and flower that is if this is how we've been thickening grieving for a billion years. Don't make this harder than it needs another. Yeah. Still good yeah Clinton and this easy and I want to eat it now I'm using care Schumer appeared. As you know that only know coffee. What's the other any didn't know any who were there if your eliminate terror yet what I. Used to issue because we have tissues in the she's remembered something. Instead I whisk this together. And this is going to this year is it just moves out and it continues to thicken and whispered while more reported. With a powerful blue for the full. Hot you're hot. Little. Thinner but I don't want to make sure we get a chance to try we're going to little bit hot sauce. Thank you whisk this together now. And approved and are thinner sauce yes I hill is so this one is just legal for about five minutes to let me start to get could you just hold but he handled. You be handled. Boom boom boom nailed it here. Hello. Milton. And we're gonna put that in our hospital. I just as regular possibly because I don't have problems with concluded my friend if you have global problems when you go through the triggers on you really not pay. Put then. Don't be stingy with the past at all I don't. And along. Reporter. And I'm reporter parsley and we are maj actions and I'm gonna give this little. Piece. It's your right Paul. Atlanta Roy Campanella knowing bill Lloyd who worked at this level of time and night and then they'll benefit to you okay. I'd like. She's aficionado and so maybe I love me so tell me if this around. Like this is it gonna make you this daring wore masks so horrible things this. Michael for the mom loved it. OK. He's. I mean yeah. Can you let me right.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"The chef is serving up a dish from his new cookbook, \"Fix It With Food.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67603764","title":"Michel Symon's delicious veggie mac and cheese","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/michel-symons-delicious-veggie-mac-cheese-67603764"}