Mike Rowe lived in a haunted mansion

The "Dirty Jobs" star talks about his unusual living situation while working at QVC.
5:43 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for Mike Rowe lived in a haunted mansion
the host and narrater of hit shows like "Dirty jobs" and "Deadliest catch." His podcast "The way I heard it" has been downloaded more than 110 million times and now he's written a book of the same name. Please put your hands together for Mike Rowe. How are you? I'm great. Holy smokes, you're tall. Hi, keke. Nice to meet you. Hello, hello, how are you? How are you? Hi, how's it going? Oh man. You whipped them into a frenzy. I know. I'm actually surprised you have time to be here becau you have more jobs than I do. You know what, you're right, I've got to go. On top of all these jobs, you found time to write a book. I wrote the book on -- -- On the plane. On the plane. I sleep on planes. I used to sleep on planes but not anymore. Now it's the only real quiet time left in my life and I sit down and I used to watch movies but now I write books at 37,000 feet. Wow. That's really great. Now, in the book you talk about your first job in TV. Mm-hmm. What was that? Well, the one with the stories would be QVC. I spent three years selling things in the middle of the night. Oh, look at that picture. Things that I didn't -- oh, look at the hair. You look like a weatherman a little bit. I do look like a weatherman. You look like a weather forecaster. I look like a weatherman in a wind storm. Yeah, QVC, I tell a lot of stories about those days but the truth is I learned everything I needed to know about working in television, trying to sell things in the middle of the night that I didn't -- well, I didn't understand, you know. There's no -- there's no training ground for QVC. If you can talk about a pencil for eight minutes, you get hired. And if you get hired, then you spend the next three months in the middle of the night trying to make sense of products that look like they came from those machines on the boardwalk of a condemned carnival midway that you grab with the claw, right? Yes, yes. So it's awesome. But we have a clip of you I think. Don't do it. Now that you mention it -- No, no, don't do it. Horrible mistake. When were lava lamps out, Jeff? '60s or '70s. Jeff's not sure. I'm not really sure either. They seem to be a part of our culture. But, often imitated. The lamp is a little warm, not unlike lava. I'll tell you what, I want a lava lamp now after seeing that. I'm trying to figure out what camera that was filmed on. Way back. That was before hi-def. That was anxiety inducing. By the way, we are going to have a special edition of "State your case" because we're going to try our hand selling some things just like he did and as well as he did. Okay. And you're going to be the judge. You're going to be the judge. I'd be honored. By the way, I was fired three times from QVC in three years, deservedly so. I opened that lava lamp on the air because I was genuinely curious and very tired but mostly I just wanted to see what the stuff was on the inside. Don't do that at home. What is it? It's just like a snotty weird stuff, you know. It's not lava. Which you should also not open at home. No. Yeah, I mean, listen, QVC is still one of the most entertaining things you can watch. Yeah. Not for reasons that they intended, but I had a ball. I had a ball there in the middle of the night, and like I said, things got weird from time to time. How hard was it during that time finding housing, getting up on your feet and just trying to get things going? Well, while I was working at QVC I actually lived in a mansion. I answered an ad in a paper -- So they say well. A mansion? No, no. The ad in the newspaper was looking for a caretaker but the word caretaker was in quotes and I was curious about what that meant so I made a call and as it turns out there was a woman who had inherited this mansion in the middle of bucks county on a couple hundred acres and she was frightened to move into it because she believed the ghost of her dead father was still walking the grounds. Oh. Oh wow. So she hired me to live in the house -- With the ghost. Until the ghost left. Oh. How was the house? The house was gorgeous. How was the ghost? The ghost was polite and -- look, I never saw really anything. The only -- You don't see them. Don't you watch horror films? You hear them and they move -- It's gets really cold. Yeah. No. What really happened, the only thing haunting Georgia farm which was the name of that place was me. And I spent ten months there. It really was the strangest time of my life, you know, living in a haunted mansion, selling things like whatever that is in the middle of the night and trying to make sense of your life. Sounds like a Stephen king movie. There were moments of it and I always thought I had the shining too by the way. But you know what, we're excited you're here, man. We are going to have you stick around and we're going to talk a little more about your book, "The way I heard it."

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"The \"Dirty Jobs\" star talks about his unusual living situation while working at QVC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66347880","title":"Mike Rowe lived in a haunted mansion","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/mike-rowe-lived-haunted-mansion-66347880"}