SSK’s budget-friendly wedding tips

Jessica Mulroney is here with some advice on how to throw a dream wedding for less.
5:35 | 02/27/20

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Transcript for SSK’s budget-friendly wedding tips
just one day away, and as you can see we're already starting to set up here at the show. Our bride and groom-to-be Kiana and Josh are here. Let's take a look at our couple's journey on the show so Will you marry me this Friday on "Strahan, Sara and keke"? We're getting married! We are going to plan your dream wedding. You have the chance to help Kiana pick her dress. Will it be dress "A," dress "B" or dress "C"? We're going to show you hair styles for Kiana walking down the aisle. And you guessed it. It's your choice for this one too. Now the wedding is just one day away, and we've got to ask how are you two feeling? Oh my gosh. I'm so excited. Best experience of my life. Oh my goodness. What I have love about Josh is he was, like, I should turn my head so I don't see her in the dress. I was, like, you're good. I didn't think about that. I didn't see anything. I'm glad you realized that because I was all looking. I know you're excited probably the see the results. I'm excited. I'm excited. This too. I'm trusting everyone, you know, did the right thing. I voted too, so I had your back. I think America's got your back. I think they do. Good. Any last-minute jitters? Jitters? No. No. Absolutely not. Cold feet? I'm cold. My socks are cold, but my feet not cold. Speaking of, you know, wedding jitters, take a look over there where Jessica Mulroney who has been helping you this entire time, she's standing by with Sara with three tips for budget-friendly weddings. We'll take it from here, and by the way, there were no wrong so you guys win regardless of what everyone voted on. That is true. That is true. But we wanted to talk a little bit about budget and Yes. Having been married -- still am, but that is a very expensive endeavor. It is. So let's start out with you were talking about options with the win of the wedding. Exactly. The stress of putting on a wedding, the the cost of a wedding can really be hard on a couple especially if they're just starting out like Kiana and Josh. Yeah. There are so many ways to diminish cost including, you know, there's no right way to do a wedding. You can do it at any time of the day. Instead of doing it at night, try to do a brunch. A brunch is much more cost-effective because, you know, food and alcohol are probably the most expensive part of the wedding. They are the most expensive. Especially mine which probably says a lot about my friends. Mine as well. If you like mimosas and you do, like, a build your own bloody Mary bar and you have bacon and sausage and avocado toast, those are all much less expensive items to use, and it will be so much fun. Who doesn't love a brunch? You were also saying, don't get locked to the day because different days when they are not Fridays or Saturdays, you can do a midweek. Let's go to flowers. This is another one that can break the bank a little bit. Florals are very expensive obviously. Great idea is to get all your girlfriends together, watch some YouTube tutorials on how to put bouquets together and do it as a group. It's actually quite fun. That's amazing. Buy your own florals and another lovely thing is, like, each bridesmaid can do a center piece for a table and you can have your husband make your bouquet. It may not turn out exactly the way you want. The beauty is on the inside of the bouquet. And a lot of love. That's really sweet, and a girlfriends activity for Grab some wine. Learn how to do the bouquets and there you go. After the wine, those bouquets will be interesting. Now the other thing we have to talk about is when I got married, I felt so badly for a lot of the people in the wedding because you don't want to make them have to spend a lot on dresses. Yeah. The bridesmaids dresses. We know so many bridesmaids, like, 30 times and those dresses just stay. They never invent it. A great idea is to rent your bridesmaid's dress, and it goes back, and you never have to see it again. Another thing too, is remember is you can actually also rent your bridal gown. Bridal gowns are expensive, and you can rent that too. That is so surprising. I never thought of that. If you are not, like, married to your dress, it can go right back. Definitely those bridesmaids because that is not something you need to own. You never wear those dresses again. No, no, no. When it comes to stationery, it can be so expensive. It can be so time-consuming. All the addresses and yeah. Oh my gosh. Just finding a company that can do it for you in a budget-friendly way is probably the best solution. What did you do for your wedding? I actually used minted which we're going to talk about right now. They offer you unique designs from independent artists for seamless wedding style for your wedding planning from beginning to end. For your save the dates, work with a designer on unlimited rounds of designs from luxurious printing and paper materials to free calligraphy-inspired guest addressing. Your save the dates will set the tone for your big day, and I got good news here. Guess what? What? Thanks to our sponsors at minted, everyone in our audience is going home with a $100 minted

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