Ask Us Anything: Love, sex and relationships

Michael, Sara and Bethenny Frankel answer audience questions about online dating and more.
7:22 | 11/14/19

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Transcript for Ask Us Anything: Love, sex and relationships
Some relationship advice in a couple in need and it turns out. We're really good to check it out who. I stand Anke Edie Klein and Ryan we just want to give him the honor after being on the show we looked in the senate hearing I think that in ten fact. The continent staying at there were still coming in taxes to let those later. But I didn't get a picture on the wall and we tough medicine for the next police were looking in the new apartment we're gonna get bigger TV like he got suggests itself here. If the advice of consumer really well. These families on the other day I guess. Cheney is on veterans day let's see here today we he will it prior handed to begin with and asked if anything love sex and relationships edition. Let me you actually wrote a book about Nancy assets so called a second relationships and you don't happen in my and a half. The year really what you have to say house thank you ring we brought in the big dog VOA and I take full pay you what to name are you from. And long time bomb that. And her question. Along having this issue with my boyfriend currently he doesn't like teens. He was in a marriage that wasn't good in so he doesn't want to get married or move in together. So my question is how do you convince someone who doesn't like change to make the with a passing bond. I think usually meant that fewer than my daughter looked. Get him. And he eligible well I'll be honest with you that that's not the thing that the that it doesn't lead kind of sounds like you're dating and then. Yes let's look at. I just Sydney time give patients. And time patience and time and I think you know what he can be. You get so afraid of what happened in the path that he need to understand that the path is not the parents that you don't come you're not going to. Wanna what are you head your totally different person and of the part about moving in together and all that I don't know I I am I'm not a polls that marriage. What it to me is very harper meet wrap my head around it again. I think hate and his community and without a broad scares you Linehan yeah I'm hates feel what you're discussing maholm could have neared the end we give them time. And half. Yeah I mean when you twining his one thing as we get all dark becomes dog U I don't I. Good happy years is that as a real meaningful time and I think two things when you tell him when you jump you fly. I mean usually emailing your feet you can't meet decision that experience to make an attitude meaning hand but Freel it fits really deal breaker. Something has happened to something to happen I'm not saying you why has Dubai and I don't see it sounds saying. Penn campus would keep upping his same behavior expecting different results but can. I hope restaurant. Oh or or bones might not. I'm him how that he may add to pressure when accompanist. A bleeding incidents so we've had this conversation at. Like 23 times in its Kennelly avoidance actions speak louder than word yeah I would tend to say that. I walked that fine line of just giving time and being super patient and down. That never worked out I was just. And there's this little humble Colby's not that in TU and eventually. Same for you but keep it in the back to your head it's time keeps passing that they do it. If it were worth it literally that until exacting and prodding the and you thanked the nag and it's not your fund you're asking defending very reasonable cell. Back talking tried to get through the door now go through the window find another way and again. Okay. Go back. If we don't we'll litigate where you're out yeah. What you two gifted oh my. Any further we need to give our password to paradise in today's pats were to paradise is. Wonderful who. Okay Avago and that's the word what you name it where you. It's a hijacked my name is Morgan and and I am from Fort Wayne India. So well I wanna say Bethany have read your book and it. Totally changed my view on relations and the panic but now I rented a few years ago and actually it's funny. I picked it up at the library in a slipping through and as a key to own this book. So on my trip home I picked it up it thanks yeah I find that Nolan. So my question is. I'm single and I'm not on any of mediating an exception of held up until now but I and the like I feel like it's kind of though way. All of dating so is this something that I need to just cave in June. I'm in my 'cause I thought well you have been on the that yes I absolutely believe you need to be on liner on an app in this teenage because. If you're gonna bite chance running into a deep in the produce department like they told us in Latin pounds. But if you want to own your future in you wanted to look a certain way. You have to do some of the work and it may be uncomfortable and it may take kindly keep good you know. But you have to commit to back it and you're looking for your best friend it should be heart. Zacks if you out let's say around a bar and you happen to notice someone and you look at them they look to you when you had attraction and then you end up going to date. It's the same thing online it doesn't mean it's not a good story and it's not romantic you still have to meet that person can act and go through all of that what I would say is doing it. Feel like about bank and you swiping east I think you get full break you lot of welcome way I'm not DA did that. How many do that is hear her. He's my man as he RTM and a bar being very good planning and now I'm more with career with everything high eight religion the whole nine yards on my own that's the matter with a yeah. Her husband and a big babies sighting yet the free went excellent yeah Bennett for left and hit. Oh really he'll fit yeah but both say if you going to get a big fat without believe now big you have to them. And just be honest with Bosnia don't try to put anything that's not really new because you're not gonna attract the person you really wanna be with you know catfish and they're not actually. Look like their worst picture there's less I think she did what they actually look like him working he has picked in that the national athletic kids are now. Do you think you so much I hardly. That's correct and Clinton with ash tag asked SSK and we're going to be right back some.

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"Michael, Sara and Bethenny Frankel answer audience questions about online dating and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66916334","title":"Ask Us Anything: Love, sex and relationships","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/us-love-sex-relationships-66916334"}