'Bachelor In Paradise' breakdown: More Blake drama, Demi's confession

"Bachelor" couple Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt update us on their relationship and break down all the drama from this week in "Paradise."
6:21 | 08/14/19

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Transcript for 'Bachelor In Paradise' breakdown: More Blake drama, Demi's confession
Joining us now to talk through this week's episode is couple and, former "Bachelor in paradise" castmates, Astrid loch and Kevin Wendt. So you guys met last season and you're one of the success stories. That's awesome. How is it going? Good so far. I moved to Canada, so. He's the first one who converted someone to move to Canada from the states. That's a keeper. Yeah, when I met her, Toronto is it for me. She was onboard right after. I have to take her to Florida every winter. Yeah. Future snowbirds. That's right. Let's get right into it. The Blake drama continued. We have a clip of it. So, from what I understand, Dylan and Hannah have been the most established thing here. But Dylan is not the problem. Blake's the problem. Blake's out here making moves and making love to half the cast out here and he's just walking all over, trying to mark his territory everywhere, he's putting his spoon in all the pudding. Oh. What are your guys' thoughts on Blake? We're slightly biased because we are friends with him. Yes, so, I was with him last weekend before the whole thing launched. So were a lot of people on the show. Shade. Shade. I think we talked about it, it's a different world now because people are meeting up before the show, with social media, with Instagram, you have the opportunity to meet people, when like, we didn't know who each other was. But Blake is in some trouble. Blake's -- Not doing too well. But he knows that he messed up. He's very much aware of the fact that this was a bad move all around. Keep it up, someone is going to break his spoon. Ouch. You know, we had Nicole here last week and then, Nicole was like, the woman in demand. I know. So what went down with Nicole? Well, I feel like she went from not having any dates to literally, as she called herself bachelorette in paradise. I'm team clay. Clay's my buddy. Yeah, and, we watched the episode last night and we saw the date with Christian, is it? Christian. I took a shower right after, like something about him creeps me out. It's the pinata. No good. Stick with clay. And the cockiness to him. There's being confident and there's being cocy and he's definitely on the cocky side. Now, also an important moment with demi and Derek. Demi revealed something very personal. We have a clip. I have been like casually dating someone and it's a woman. And I've been, like, uncomfortable talking about it because it's scary to talk about that. Well, I've appreciate you feeling close enough to me, first of all, to feel comfortable saying that. I know that's not an easy thing to open up about for the first time. So, thank you for choosing to talk to me about this. Now, I personally thought Derek handled it like a pro. He was so classy. But how do you think the moment played out? I think he handled it perfectly. That's how you'd expect everyone to handle it. But in reality, that's not the world we live in. So, as bad it is she was dating somebody beforehand, it lays the foundation for the conversation to get started. Such a big audience watches this show, even last season I mentioned that I go to therapy weekly and it turned into a big mental health conversation within bachelor nation, similar to that it happens. We don't know, all these topics need to be brought up. I think she's pretty brave to do it on "Paradise." I have this thought, because even on the bachelorette, always this taboo did you date somebody before you came? Lot of guys received slack about it. Then you have this situation where we have this beautiful girl saying I have a girl back home and she's not receiving that same slack -- I mean, the same attitude that the guys got, do you think that's double why is it okay when it comes to her but it's not okay with the guys? I think it's uncharted territory. She committed to the show first and then met the girl. Maybe she's just confused. I don't know if "Paradise" is the best place to sort everything out. We said this to Blake, you don't bring stuff with you to paradise because it's a high-stress environment to be in. It sounds like she has a good guy in Derek. You shouldn't be dating people -- I asked you guys before this started on "The bachelor" and "Bachelorette," they make it clear you're not supposed to be dating people. That's typical the rule. Same rule for paradise, people break it. You know for so long you're going to be there. Because it's so popular, people kind of bank on, let me go on this show and see what else it brings. The "Right" reasons aren't always the "Right" reasons. You had this week, the women are in control this week, who's going home and who are the front-runner couples. We love Chris and Katie. We like them a lot. They're the most eligible. Probably means wills is going home. She may have been drinking a little much. I think Hannah and Dylan are pretty strong. I think she's got to square herself away on who's going after. But I think those two seem pretty strong. I think Jordan is going to go home. Yeah, yeah. It's still really early. He'll make his splash and then he'll be out the door. Thank you. We heard it from experts. Good luck. Thank you. Our thanks to Astrid and Kevin

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"\"Bachelor\" couple Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt update us on their relationship and break down all the drama from this week in \"Paradise.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64967348","title":"'Bachelor In Paradise' breakdown: More Blake drama, Demi's confession","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/bachelor-paradise-breakdown-blake-drama-demis-confession-64967348"}