Ex-girlfriend writes list of tips for dating her ex

What would Michael and Sara have to say about their exes?
5:00 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for Ex-girlfriend writes list of tips for dating her ex
one we have been talking about for a few days. We were debating whether we would ever do this. There's a woman in England sent her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend a list of advice and things she needs to know to date this guy named Jacob. She included Jacob's favorite things, getting back rubs, drinking beer, but she also threw just a tiny bit of shade in there. She said, ignore the constant negative things you'll hear about him. I guess it's constant? I'm curious, though, if -- if you were dating Jacob, or a guy and his ex gave you a list of things about him, how would you take it? I'd see it as one, she's not over him. It was more for Jacob to read that list of how well I know you. Number two, I'd see it as power move. To let me know my place. I don't know the turf. She knows the turf. She says, when he comes home from work, he doesn't want hear you stressing out, so just don't do it. Superempowering to other women, this is amazing he loves beer -- he loves robes -- the list. What are some of the stuff on the list? Read a few good ones. He loves to chill drink sometimes. He will offer a beer and tune on the boon dox and literally what you do all night so be prepared. He's always losing beep so make sure you keep up with him. Like, his I.D. Pretty much chase him around as a grown man and pick up after him. Don't finish a Netflix series without him because he then tries to finish it and you just spoil it for him. The way you're reading this, you don't like Jacob or this woman very much. The woman is so into him. Let me show you how you're reading this. He likes to have his back rub, massaged so be prepared your hands may cramp but he loves it so you got to keep going. I mean, I need to find my Keenan voice. I don't know how long they have been broken up. But I don't want a list from your ex. That's why you're the ex. Move out of the way. Keep on going. Isn't it -- yeah. Isn't it fun to learn along the way? Would you ever do this -- Would I ever make a list? I know you wouldn't voluntary. Michael, help me out. Would you ever do that? No, I'm not giving a list. I'm going to tell that dude, you're on your own. Good luck, my brother. I feel like there's a reason you're over it. Would you do that? Would you -- Hell no. But I'm trying to think, what would be on the list? About you or the ex? The ex. What would be on the list about me? I'd say things like, he needs his due downtime. He tinkers a lot in his garage. Let him sit this the car. He golfs a lot. He golfs a lot. You know what, drop it, that's so wrong. Does anyone in the audience -- do this for an ex? No. We have smart viewers. Does anyone have an opinion, if you were to do it for an ex, what would be something on the list? To stay away. Stay away. More like a post-it note. Heads up, you don't want to get involved. Just looking out for other women here. So two words -- stay away. That's better. If you were to write it, what's something you could put on a list about an ex? Anyone about to have an ex -- I see you all in the back pushing each other. Like, girl, you say it. I don't want to say it. But girl, say it. Go ahead and say it, girl. I think she's sitting next to her man right now. I want to hear this. Come on. Go ahead. Don't be scared. Okay. What would be on your list if you had to write something on -- to your ex? He's a . See, I'm telling you. Okay. Throw that back up here. I will tell you what, you guys are straight to the point, I'll tell you that. But, anyway, that's fun. I love all my exes. But I'm glad you're in Texas. That's right. That's not true, Michael.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"What would Michael and Sara have to say about their exes?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63261410","title":"Ex-girlfriend writes list of tips for dating her ex","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/girlfriend-writes-list-tips-dating-63261410"}