Inspiring stories from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Michael, Sara and Keke meet these incredible fathers and their kids.
6:55 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Inspiring stories from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
character would he be? Bugs bunny. Probably goofy. Goofy. What animal would he be? This father's day will be more special for me because of what St. Jude has given me. It's given us a new outlook on life. I love you, daddy. I love you. Oh, my gosh. How sweet is that. How sweet is that. And welcome back, everybody. Truly outstanding dads and their kids all receiving treatment from St. Jude's hospital. St. Jude's an organization that has been close to my heart for a number of years, I have been ambassador for a lot of years. This father's day, we invited them to share their inspiring stories. So we want to say thank you all for joining us here for our father's day show. Matthew, I have a question for you, you're 6 years old and I hear you're the mayor of St. Jude. I am. How did you earn that title? Because I keep -- You're very social and everyone knows your name. I think you got a future in politics, Matthew. Now, Christopher, I have been talking to Matthew, and he's unbelievable, remarkable kid. What do you think he's taught you? Well, I'd like to first, thank you all for having us on the show today. Matthew's taught me so much, he's battling leukemia. He's been in treatment for a year and a half. And he has one year left. But he's flying through it with good colors. Just his resilience to all the chemo, to every child there who goes through that, it just builds strength. It's an inner strength that comes within you as a parent that everything is going to be God bless you. God bless you. And Ronnie, as a father who goes through these challenges, how do you come together to support each other? Actually, St. Jude's wonderful for bringing us together as a family. They treat the entire family. But they also supply a community of people that surround us. Through our housing unit and cooper and friends and a scooter gang we have there. The nursing staff and the entire staff of St. Jude, they just surround us as a family. I mean cooper was diagnosed with a soft tissue cancer about a year and a half ago. We're currently in week 63 of 64. And he was pronounced no evidence of disease in week 19. You brought some of your friends with you, and I understand that they really helped you get a lot of this. Do they have names? This is moosy, we got him at the very beginning. Okay. His name is fish sticks. We got him past halfway. Fish sticks, that's a good name. I might go with that. Oreo? Because of the colors. And they have helped a lot? Because you're almost there. Fist bump. Another fist bump. There we go. And Christopher, your daughter is with the St. Jude family, what would you like to tell everyone who's helped you along the way? Thank you. Thank you for life. I have two daughters with the sickle cell disease. We have been with St. Jude for 15 years now. It's been a lifelong journey with us. Just to tell them thank you for being our family. Because now we go to the hospital it's not like going to a hospital, we go see family. They know us by name. They know everybody by first name. That really kept us through the whole process and still keeping us to this day. So, we, it's just -- it's just life, normal life. It's helping us keep that normalcy in our life. A lot of love. You know that's the thing I love the most about St. Jude. For everyone out there who doesn't know, all of the money that you send in takes care of the family. As you said, they treat the family. No family ever goes -- you bring your brothers and your sisters, you don't pay for anything. They take care all of those things that parents have to worry about to make sure their kids can be healthy and be healed and I think as any parent you just want healthy children. You want your children to have the best. St. Jude provide so many families with that option. And I'm just so happy that we can sit here and look at your faces and know that after week 19 you've been declared clear. You've been part of family for 15 years and continue to be healthy. More than that, looking at that piece you guys -- you love your fathers and your fathers love you. Your families love you. That's so special for anybody out there to see. Thank you guys. What do you guys want to say to your dads for father's day? I love you very much. I thank you for keeping me together when I felt like nothing was going to go right. Thank you for the surprises because I didn't know we were coming to New York. And I've always wanted to go. Teenagers, they can find out anything at any time. True. But, kudos to me, my wife and I kept it down. We heard you're a bit of a fan and you didn't know that keke was going to be. Oh, my gosh. What, me? Girl, stop. Sit down. Sit down. We're family. And we heard this was the first time for all of you? Pretty much to come to New York. Second time. Okay, you're a pro. So, we decided that we wanted to give a little something back to you guys. So we want to send you all and your families to dinner. On us. On us. And we want to send you to see "Frozen" on Broadway. That's the least we can do. We're just so happy you guys are here. All right, and you guys are never going to live it down. All you're going to hear is "Let it go." All the time. So, thank you guys so much. Happy father's day. Yes, happy father's day. Coming up, we're going

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"Michael, Sara and Keke meet these incredible fathers and their kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63718744","title":"Inspiring stories from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/inspiring-stories-st-jude-childrens-research-hospital-63718744"}