Keke and Kandi get real about sex, love and relationships

Our audience has questions about sexting, sleeping arrangements and more.
5:50 | 07/15/19

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Transcript for Keke and Kandi get real about sex, love and relationships
just have two women hosting the show. And you know that we're not afraid to be open about sex, love and relationships. Kandi's the queen of sex positivity. So we're going to take it to the audience and answer all of your burning questions. We're here to weigh in in a segment we're calling "Girl talk." I was thinking more "Girl, talk." Okay. Throw a little comma in there. Need a little comma. First audience question goes to joy. Where are you, joy? Hey. Hello. So, what are your views on sexting the person you're dating? Like, are dirty pictures okay? No. Absolutely not. I mean, the way I look at it is, you know, relationships sometimes can be temporary so you never want to give a permanent picture of yourself, in a temporary situation, and I just can't do it, honey. I mean, I think about some of my exes had pictures of me I'd be so upset. They might be sharing it with people. Of course, I get where you're coming from, Kandi. A time you're away from a significant other, if you're comfortable with your body and you kind of weighed in everything could happen, it could get out, and you're willing to accept what could and could not, why not? And also # nofacenocase. I used to have pictures that guys sent me to back in day. I had a whole file of pictures from exes or different guys that sent them to them and I would share them with my friends. You know, but when I got with my husband now I deleted the file. Just think if somebody had a file of me. Yeah, that would be one lucky person with a file. But it never happened. The next audience question. Another question from Alyssa in our audience. What's your question? Hi, I'm more of a reserved person, so I was wondering, how do I get past my inhibitions in the bedroom? Do you want to go first? Sure, I'll go first. Well, I always told people, you know, role-playing is great. If you can't get out of your own head, you might want to play and be a different person. So put on a different wig. Put on a costume. Or, you can also play a game. Like, we had these dice, and basically you roll the dice, one dice has a body party and the other dice has an action. Whatever roll is what you have to roll with. Okay? I think that's really cool. I have to get some dice. No, I'd say, I'm a visual learner I would say. Don't be afraid to watch some videos or you know, read up on some -- "Cosmo" has a great article on Kama sutra. I'd say do your resech on any topic. No worries to read on it and see what else you can bring to the table. All right, next question goes to Jessie. Yes, we got a guy. Hey. I know this is girl talk but I need help. I hate sleeping in the same bed as a partner. I just get really bad sleep. Is it okay to have separate beds when you're in a relationship? I mean, I love Lucy did that. I'd say, that's fine. Everybody looks differently. We talked about it the other day, Gwyneth paltrow and Brad falchuk, they live in different homes and they're married. Oh, no. I think it's really up to you wand's comfortable for you. I have plenty of friends who sleep in the same bed and I have plenty who don't. Whatever's comfortable for you is comfortable for you. You need to get up and make that money so you need to get your sleep. Can I weigh in on this? I just say get a bigger bed. You know, she can be on your side and you on your side. Spread it out. But stay in the same room. Because I just feel like, the further you are apart the further you are apart. Definitely a point. Definitely a point. Shaunie, where's shaunie? I'm single, I mostly only get out and socialize at networking events, social networking event. I mainly get approached by men in business settings. What's your take on mixing business with pleasure? Or dating someone you work with? Well, I really can't talk about it because my husband, he worked with me. He was a production manager on "The real housewives of Atlanta" when we first met. Clearly it worked out for us. But if you work a lot, I mean, a lot of times the people that you meet are going to be in your work setting. I have very -- I'm like totally -- first of all, their situation is great. It doesn't always happen that way. I have kind of dating people within my industry before and it's never been a fun experience for me because it becomes too much of my industry. Everything seems so fake. So I actually need someone who's outside of what I do to help keep me grounded. It's up to you. No problem connecting with people in your field go for it. If you feel similar to me, meet outside. All right, you guys, I wish we could keep going with this forever, but we can't. Up next, your kids want to

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Our audience has questions about sexting, sleeping arrangements and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64343509","title":"Keke and Kandi get real about sex, love and relationships","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/keke-kandi-real-sex-love-relationships-64343509"}