Keke vs. Michael: Best wall wins!

Design star Genevieve Gorder shows you three simple tips for better home design.
8:00 | 06/21/19

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Transcript for Keke vs. Michael: Best wall wins!
superstar who first rose to fame in "Trading spaces." And now hosts bravo's "Best room wins". Take a look. We wanted to take advantage of the beautiful exposed beams, so framing it all in black, we're going to frame the window all in black, to make it stand out. Okay, supercontrast. Superbright white. Okay, modern it up a bit. I'm a little confused. Are we going in the right direction, Alex? I love it. Please welcome Genevieve Gorder. Now, Genevieve, you have designed homes, you've hosted design shows, how did you get started in all of this? I started at home probably this age right in front. Little dancer. Probably around 10. Family had no money, we would fix it up ourselves. This is before DIY network was a thing. But becoming a designer wasn't something I figured out I was proably going to do until I was 17. Here I am. I always go to my friends' house and they have these cool knickknacks. I go into a bathroom and have a bowl with pebbles. I'm like, what makes you do it? Some of it is instinctual. A lot of it comes from here. The heart? I got to dig deep. Some of it is a designer did it and said, hey, that's a good idea. It might be sentimental stuff. We position things around us without even thinking. When it has meaning. That's when you feel it. Oh, why can I do it? Because it wasn't your moment but you feel the gravity of that. We're going to do some basic stuff today. You all should know how to do. You're going to give us three Three tips. And the thing is, by the way, you have my dream job. I love this. Absolutely. You want to swap for a little bit? But I'd rather keep my check. But the thing is, these are things that you can do because you rent doesn't mean you can't fix up your house. Rent or own, you should do some things -- So true. 50% of us are renters in this country. Not just in New York, everywhere. They often get ignored. Let me tell you about the first thing -- are you ready? This is wallpaper. I know, I know. I designed it, too, that's okay. So, it was based off my keychain. I had a little brass key and I made it into this pattern. This is removable wallpaper. You don't need to hire a hanger. If you make a mistake, you can pull up and reposition. You can do this on top of furniture. You can put it on your walls, in your dorm room. This saves you tons of money. My OCDs. Get in there, virgos. Are you guys virgos? I am. One thing, think about wallpaper as something that you can have in your house because it doesn't cost a lot. You can do it yourself and it makes walls into art. Second -- You can change it without much. The commitment is where we really get scared. I don't want it for 30 years. So, take it off and start again. Bookcase, inexpensive bookcase. They're the display cases of our life. Keep that in your head. Okay? This is not a place for junk. This is not a place for where you fill it. Get that out of your mind. This is who you are. You're a Virgo, you should be superclean. I know. This is where you are, where you have been. I want you to remember, you don't need to fill it. Keep negative space. Bring in moments that are both functional and decorative like we have keys here. Okay. Odd -- odd numbers are best. Where's my little lamp? Here he is. Odd numbers are best. This one, yep. Give you height and create new surfaces, so think of them like little tables. We're going to keep going. We're not done. We're not done. You can bring green into this. You bring your crystals into this. Do you see -- crystals. But, remember, three -- one, two, three. Three or five. Because our eyes like to see the center. We need to see a center. Not two, give me three. I had no idea. I know, it makes sense. I tell you right now, you can always learn something new from an expert. Okay, last but not least, the gallery wall. I've been into all your houses. You're paralyzed by this. You can't do it. My wedding, all colorful photos or all black and white. Equal distance apart -- Not true. All you need is one photo, they can be all mismatched frames. You hang that one first. Don't make it organic because life happens. The collection should grow. Don't. It just grew. Okay, there you go. Okay, your favorite photo first center and just start positioning, one inch, two, inches. It doesn't matter. It's not lined up. That's the part that kills me. Don't do math on it. I'm freeing you. Okay, we got our three tips. I want to do a little challenge here. Okay, we got one minute to play this game. Let's put Michael and keke to the test. They're each going to compete on their own walls. Best wall wins. All of your items are laid out. You're going have 60 seconds. Enough of the talking, let's go! Ready and go! Remember the tips. Remember the tips! Nice space 24r. Come on, keke. Remember, odd numbers. Odd numbers. Halfway there. Oh, she's doing a good job. We got 18 seconds on the

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"Design star Genevieve Gorder shows you three simple tips for better home design.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63866190","title":"Keke vs. Michael: Best wall wins!","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/keke-michael-best-wall-wins-63866190"}