Lance Bass reveals his first kiss

Lance tells Keke his different levels of kissing.
3:00 | 07/17/19

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Transcript for Lance Bass reveals his first kiss
It's taking me down memory lane. Because I'm going to be doing some double dutching. Which I have never done only solo. We're going to teach you how to jump in and stay in. Wait, you were in a movie about double dutching. Yes. Are you an expert? Okay, I did have a stunt double. I did this movie for the Disney channel. I think we have a clip of it. Okay, let's see this. We don't sing, we jump. Come on. There you go. And out. Some of it was me and then some of it was my stunt double. A girl by the name of Arianna. But that was such a fun shoot. Because it was just me and a bunch of other kids my age. You were 12 years old? I was 12 years old. What were you doing at 12 years old? Not shooting a movie. I also had my first kiss on that movie. Do tell. It wasn't spontaneous. Oh, you have a clip of that too? Oh, we have a clip of this. I want to see this clip. I mean, that -- okay. I was a little bit afraid. Corbin was a little older than me. Just came off of high school musical. He was almost an adult. I was almost nervous and embarrassed to kiss him. She said at least your first kiss wasn't Samuel L. Jackson. That was your first kiss. That was my first kiss. That was my first kiss in life, ever. First time I kissed somebody outside of my family. Because, to me, I always love to hear people's first experience with kissing. To me that was like a peck. I think there are different levels of kissing, right. Take me through the levels. Peck. There you go. How old were you? 5 years old. I know -- no, no. I was in one of those homecoming parades, whatever, I was the little boy and the little girl. They were like, oh, kiss for the picture. A little peck. Second one, using the tongue was -- what? Sixth grade I think playing spin the bottle like all of us do. Then, for me, the next level was actually kissing my first guy because that's who I was into. So, who was the first kiss -- Okay, I have never told anyone this at all. It was actually one of Britney spears' backup dancers. Yeah, way back in the day.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Lance tells Keke his different levels of kissing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64393745","title":"Lance Bass reveals his first kiss","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/lance-bass-reveals-kiss-64393745"}