Michael and Keke's surf workout with Poppy Montgomery

The star of "Reef Break" tries the latest workout trend from Surfset NYC.
4:52 | 06/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael and Keke's surf workout with Poppy Montgomery
He can't wait for the 80000 dollars. Paul I cannot be. We had a got. And if anything. Inside the front feeling in three break it we bigger. Who better to join us with a trading Thursday in New York City worked out than the start of this over itself poppy month. I'm haven't got any on certain board had not been nearly the good this Saddam we have Diana whose blood and that's good. New York. The name of this crap plant today and political what exactly what is the but there aren't any yeah what is the surfing. We're yeah. I don't have that many think he needs special I didn't they're inspired rundown now I drop from the real movements are thinking oh my strength and stability. Ideally and even how do you Dunedin the endeavor to get the benefits of this work now sort of assigns an innocent third slot it's me not my. Lot we're working hard goods or her mind. Yeah. I don't. Did ways comparable. I'm actually an iPad I do like good luck but it may. Australia yeah. Australia has relatives back OI. Agent all the leaves were always going to be certain things. OK is there where I really better have learned. Stunt double CC made David I'm an American back. Yeah I have a balance from the. I'm sure you keep a lot of yeah. Being the next move. Next to bring him down on their north Americans that mom what do you think I can quickly bring on hand down the front. Yeah. The fact that plane and got. Yeah. Yeah. I. Good thing we didn't. Yeah. So many problems when I. And I'll wake of the storm. Yeah yeah I was saying look we don't illuminating well tell me because they don't get extra eight. Yeah. I'm planning and I thought I was suing for the job I think I'm the only threatening in Los Angeles. They did with the worst Australian accent banner. I don't know it yeah. I'm. Flying. There doesn't going to certain I. So we go to Australia. Eight Brady doesn't exist they always say yeah. Yeah. And then pack. Fanny pack well in the strength here sandy not you. It's. Confront heart. OK so when I ask her Fanny pack on set everybody does what. Okay I'm girl friends not armed. Looking like yeah I Monday when they need Camden and oh yeah yeah I and I. I night. They assume you plus crowded around NB. They don't get me yeah. This child is saying thank you summer so. Second sixty somewhere deep sleep and I played criminal. And I write fast boats in decades if not my work it's. I'll yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah my ballot yeah end. Oh yeah. Yeah. I don't that you're going to see very nice. Yeah. Do the buffalo yeah I warrants and I think I am excited to banks. We're gonna like I'm all I am yeah again mountain. You die at a foot. How did right here on a okay.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"The star of \"Reef Break\" tries the latest workout trend from Surfset NYC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63764295","title":"Michael and Keke's surf workout with Poppy Montgomery","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/michael-kekes-surf-workout-poppy-montgomery-63764295"}