Is Michael Strahan working too much?

Sara, Keke and Michael talk work-life balance.
7:17 | 08/15/19

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Transcript for Is Michael Strahan working too much?
Ladies how are you. Gray was so good to sandy and I always say is that we love being around dad telling him. Okay. You do look let's not contact you need a detective by about trying to give the themes recede get thinking yeah debt. But you aren't in the warm and at a little needles lately yeah. Neal brown and euthanized but let there are leather would have you had it it looks good but it's not comfortable is not a reasonable. Breezy at that you don't pretty heavily in my led the man who wound again. Yeah. Yeah yeah spiffy. Haven't heard Smith you don't about it. Only Latin me because I love taking let old framed them and bring your Meehan make him I don't know how we say didn't you or didn't do yeah. He knew I mentioned earlier you off she acts. How. It's great we you know Michael back to your time and I will look I'm no math but it is true if some of that and that really the reality is he know that he'll let his age he lives for every moment. I wouldn't call buttered up the bridge I about it. No fourteen yet for what sitcom yes outlet that nobody got home so I renders. Article from a mom that I ate really loved it's about screen time and I stay in its modern day of parenting. Screen time is something you have to figure out as it's it's kind of like it to catch up because and we were all young. We played like cake they can sarge he actually went out sky there. Like kids just aren't doing that and right now your kind up against technology. This mom decided to make a system for her kids her kids are six and eight and what she does is she. Gives them a point for a short they provide and they can pay her back to use fifteen minutes of screen time. Would each morning. So what she does is she done. Designates the chores so if you do the laundry your if you help with cooking Marie babysit the sibling. You get this point you can add up my happening meaning you have like four points. You knowing you can't catch setting for an hour. You mean I love sanitary namely time yes but she says it's teaching them accountable accountability responsibility and also that family in duty comes first. Still an Al. So she's also like not losing any money in the deal. We used to get up my parents did not that might get paid much thanks dad there was never inflation. This pig but my guess your just teaching them how to earn it back and that they have to work for and that it is a privilege not a right. With an Internet right now immediately but if it also I think if you're pretty cool either you get an hour you got to cherish an hour and you know yet I'm gonna waste. On frivolous thing would you have said oh what this holding is about to me the most rewarding being about parenting I just imagine like getting the opportunity to teach somebody Great Valley thousands in the mouth of the more I think that's so rewarding yellow hats so amazing it's arming. You yeah. I thought this was brilliant but the one caveat I meek is a friend told meanest BC don't make. Chores that you expect from your child. To be rewarded like if you expect them to make your bed don't reward for making their bad so they'd be extra levels chores like if you want to babysit your sibling if you wanna. Could not gonna reward them for think I can do for buddy let's not yeah. But I would Chris rock's it would do very up ABBA father but here you be applauded. It's no answer a picture picture Vietnam look at this. Really related to this because I thought it was just me that emit have a hard time vacationing I think a lot of times we always put in work above everything Mike Synan are ten vacation. Probably a full decade up my twenties to realize you don't have to apologize for things that are owed to you. But vacation time sick days how many times that I feel guilty calling in when you know you're sick we're grown adults you know when your sick but I. To let that child on the phone be like no I really am related you apologize for it. A company will fire you in an instant. But you are the only one responsible for you. So you can not sell yourself to a job when you. I we yeah. Big al-Qaeda witnesses were Ali gains on. I'll sleep when I'm name. I do I I work and I worked hard yeah. But let's let's flood and I love what I do I didn't have fun I want to shoot. I. And now live me what I am. The biggest I have ballot you a lot of people pillowcase was called the Kobe does this met. We have a lot of fun to watch go to California the weakest football I enjoyed my time in California when I get the Michelle I do it led to. But marred by gave all I drove my get a big case. O'Neill are all. Houses his when he took time. Vacation have been any other country if you'll permit me when I'm not working people when I leave this studio. Up my life is to have fun and have a good time it. Jimmy you're able to do that at work you're not at work you'd be miserable you can have a good time award give all of the holly new approaches everything we are told that this. We just kind if you can ask how about when you're any NFL can you calling send them. Now how they became another UK you could try to look at like monoclonal ultra I tried. There. You can never again from out here on this one day when I chopped off a piece of my finger. OK are you doing it did when I lost here you might hear how the news the week. Commander prompting right eardrum that could I give my real murdered medical staff I've never the demand that the day of work for being sick or anything. Even when I would say in an NFL abusing it I'm sick bill say well we got doctors here come Monday no particular opinion one way. Isn't that funny when I did add the downs syndrome rot when you know been theater you have understudy. And my hundreds said he was always like you know you know you're the youngest Cinderella but it lets hit the stage. Lilly was so sick out my kind of letter hit the stage. Are out. Within one local that's not what does not mention oh I'm sorry. I. YouTube well yeah that put before they expect when I. But I love what I do. But I think what you've become you feel like you're letting people down and as everyone to do so I think we all understand Linda when you're sick now you get old we understand you gotta take conferees to end the everybody yet.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"Sara, Keke and Michael talk work-life balance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64995164","title":"Is Michael Strahan working too much?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/michael-strahan-working-64995164"}