Reimagining Disney's iconic princesses

Elsa, Belle, Rafiki and Ariel get a modern makeover thanks to design students at FIT.
4:29 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Reimagining Disney's iconic princesses
They partnered with the fashion institute of technology to create a cool design challenge for their students. The winning designers are being revealed for the first time here here to walk us through the looks is Patti Murin who plays Anna in "Frozen." Thank you for being here. Thanks for having us here. Tell us about the challenge. There were about 100 submissions. These ten students got the opportunity to design contemporary looks for the classic Broadway leading ladies for Disney on Broadway. The cream rose to the top and they got two looks per character from belle to nala to rafiki, to Anna and Elsa. So give us Disney, but make it fashionable. Yes. We have the designers up front. There are all the students. You guys look lovely yourselves. I'm very excited. Take us through the first look. The first look is Elsa from "Frozen." Hi sister on stage. Oh, yes. This was designed by a third year student, ashna. How did you come up with this idea? Elsa's personality was my biggest inspiration. She's one of the most complex characters on Broadway. She's confident and fearless, yet afraid of hurting people she loves. I wanted to bring out this contrast with the corset and train. I just wanted to design something that was a perfect blend of drama and sophistication with a hint of feminine details. You definitely did that. You look gorgeous. Beautiful. What do we have next? We have belle designed by F.I.T. Student Paige. This one is super cool. This represents the enchanted rose from "Beauty and the beast." The dress is designed so the petals can be molded to show the different phases of the wilting of the rose. How cool is that? That is very cool. The skirt is hand beaded. It's absolutely stunning. All class with a little sexy at the bottom. I love it. Beautiful. What's next? Rafiki from "The lion king." This is created by Joe, a design student from South Korea. Yes, girl, this is fabulous. Joe, you designed this rafiki costume. I feel like this is giving me street fashion. It's edgy. How did you come up with it? I like the vibe, but I wanted the identity. She's a shaman. I made a big pocket belt for her to put supplies and I also used the vivid color variation and I used the hakuna matata symbol in her hair band made with a 3D printer. What's up next? Next we have Ariel from the "Little mermaid." This is designed by Lillian. Very sophisticated. I know. It was inspired by the ocean. It represents the waves. There are multiple layers cut to represent the depth of the ocean where Ariel lives below to where the people are. Absolutely stunning. This is so beautiful. Lovely. We only have time for one more look. I'm so sad because all the looks are so fabulous. The last is very special. It's Jasmine from "Alladin." This is designed by F.I.T. Student Annette. Here to model is is the actress who plays Jasmine on Broadway. How do you feel about wearing I love this. It feels comfortable and stunning. It's a modern day representation of Jasmine. She's the people's princess. She is a symbol of inclusion. This dress feels like something anyone could wear and feel fabulous. All you girls look so lovely. Wonderful job. I want to say congratulations to you guys. We have one more special everyone in the audience is getting tickets to see "Frozen" on Broadway.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Elsa, Belle, Rafiki and Ariel get a modern makeover thanks to design students at FIT.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65597934","title":"Reimagining Disney's iconic princesses","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/reimagining-disneys-iconic-princesses-65597934"}