Which 'Sex and the City' character is Michael Strahan?

Michael, Sara and Keke take the ultimate SATC quiz with author Candace Bushnell.
6:03 | 08/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Which 'Sex and the City' character is Michael Strahan?
Now, it's been almost 25 years since our next guest wrote the bestseller "Sex in the city" which launched a cultural phenomenon. Today, she's back with her new book and tackling the roller coaster ride of dating after 50. Please welcome Candace Bushnell. Thank you. So, we had a little fun. We wonder if you indulged in this. There's a sex in the city quiz. Have you ever done this? I try to avoid them but I was convinced -- Yeah, don't tell me who you are yet. Okay. A character who you're most like. So, I'll start out -- I want to ask, who did you think you were going to get? I really thought that I was going to be Carrie, hello. Because Carrie is my alter-ego. Oh, yeah. So you would think that I would get Carrie. That's what I would have expected. Sara? Everyone hopes for Carrie. I think maybe Samantha -- And who did you get? I got -- Charlotte. Okay. Who did you think you get? I actually thought I'd be Miranda, because she's superstrong. I thought, you know what, I'm probably going to be Miranda, but I was Charlotte. Candace, we're going to save you for last. I thought that I'd be -- I literally thought I'd be Mr. Big, I'm sorry. But -- He's laughing too hard. You work here, stop laughing that hard. But I took it and maybe Samantha. I ended up being Charlotte. We're all Charlotte. Conspiracy. Candace, I'm curious. So, I mean, I thought I did everything right on the quiz. I picked Mr. Big. I even picked Jared Smith for Samantha. Me, too. And I picked trey for Charlotte, though, maybe that's what went wrong. Guess who I got? Charlotte. Oh, my god. I'm not happy about it. You're not happy about it? I think they're punking about it. Somebody -- if you took the test and you're not Charlotte, please let us know who you are. Did you take it? Yes. Who? Miranda. Well, let's get into the mosmos. This is daytime television. We had to get mosmos -- Mock cosmo. When I started -- interestingly it was really the same impetus writing "Sex in the city" and "Is there still sex in the city?" That's a great question. But "Sex in the city" was really about a new passage in women's lives when they were single and, you know, you're exploring your career and, you know, looking for a partner and all that. A lot would happen -- a lot of the sex in the city women they got married. And had children and all of that kind of thing and "Is there still sex in the city" is about what happens after the happily ever after. I know. I mean, this is the thing that I find was so interesting was, I really thought when I got into my 50s, then I would have it all figured out. And I actually did at the beginning of my 50s and then I ended up getting divorced and I really had to start all over. I thought, at first I thought I'm the only one going through this tumultuous passage of moving and dating again. But then you're really, you're even more insecure than you were in your 30s because now you're -- I have a question, though, for you. You started dating again in your 50s, but someone knows -- a man knows you written this whole series, is that intimidating for him? How does he respond? Well, actually, I think a lot of men think I'm going to write about them. Ah. Yes. There are -- And do you? Yes, she does. Is there a real-life Mr. Big? Well, there was a real-life Mr. Big, but I didn't marry him. But now, I have a new boyfriend and I met him while I was writing, "Is there still in the city?" Which is so interesting because I met Mr. Big while I was writing "Sex in the city." So, actually, it actually -- it's a good luck. Yeah. To be writing about your dating life. Oh, wow. And end up in a relationship. For me it's been a plus. And this book has been already optioned into a TV show. Yes. Look, I'm not here every day. But I'm available, girl. When they do the show, hit me up. Absolutely. Cheers. Cheers to Charlotte. Thank you so much for coming and taking the quiz, humoring us. Check out Candace's new book "Is there still sex in the city?"

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"Michael, Sara and Keke take the ultimate SATC quiz with author Candace Bushnell.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64808185","title":"Which 'Sex and the City' character is Michael Strahan?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/sex-city-character-michael-strahan-64808185"}