Side Hustle Showdown: Dad's Fanny vs. Kickspo

Stylist Rachel Zoe and Kim Perell judge two more small businesses trying to win $25,000.
7:54 | 08/14/19

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Transcript for Side Hustle Showdown: Dad's Fanny vs. Kickspo
hustle showdown." All week long, viewers like yourself with big ideas from around the country will be pitching their products to self-made entrepreneur Kim perell. And these side hustlers are competing for a grand prize of $25,000, to put towards their business that Kim herself will be giving them. So, that's no small chunk of change. Kim, you've been seeing these ideas already, what are you going to be looking for today? We have seen incredible side hustles Al week. Today, we're looking for unique ideas and products that we can really inject some cash in to take to the next level. And teaming up with Kim to choose who will be moving on to the finale is renowned fashion stylist, Rachel Zoe collection, and "The Zoe report," Rachel Zoe. Now, Rachel, what was your biggest roadblock along the way? Oh, my god, there's been so many. I -- I would say the biggest for me was probably transitioning from being a stylist to a designer, and then launching my media business, "The Zoe report," and I think going from making all of the decisions myself to growing a team of, you know, employees and really delegating and releasing some of the control. That's very hard to do. Honestly, it really is. Absolutely. Okay, we've got two -- the next two viewers here, you'll have 60 seconds on the clock and then when the time is up, buzzer, done. Michael and keke are going to be your sidekicks, your side-kekes. Our first pitch comes from Brad Woodward from New Mexico. This is your side hustle. What's your full-time gig? I work for a healthcare software company. I'm a dad of two, 2-year-old and 15-month-old. You got Michael as your model. That's right. Put him to work. I will. We'll put 60 seconds on the clock. Are you ready? I'm ready. Go. I love being a dad, when my oldest was a baby, I found myself wanting a diaper bag that fit me. I didn't want to cram all of this stuff into a bulky bag, or use my wife's did diaper purse. The bag I wanted didn't exist. I created a rough prototype on my sewing machine. Which is probably not a good project if you're a beginner. I set out on the journey to create dadsfanny for dads and moms to carry the essentials, wipes, diapers, snacks, keys, a cell phone pocket in the back. An extension pouch that comes to carry a bottle. There when you need it and zip away when you don't. We need funding to help scale this thing and help meet the demand. Dadsfanny is a simple diaper bag for carrying the parents' essential. When you don't need but when you do -- pow! Okay, the model alone should have those coming off the shelves. Kim, what did you think of the pitch? I love it. I have four children. My husband would love this. I think this is an incredible idea. The question is, are you marketing to moms like me or dads? Initially, we thought we'd market to moms but 80% of our buyers are dads buying for themselves. They want to feel involved. That's true. Rachel, what are your thoughts? I think it's so clever, do you think there should be marketing towards women as well? So, we don't feel like it's only that niche. Because, I don't know, everything is unisex now. The wives would buy for the husbands. Yeah. As well. As well. And then steal it. That happens. Great job. We're going to move right on. Our next pitch is from Helen Mcpherson from bethesda, Maryland. What is your full-time gig. I'm a mom of two. I have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old. So, this business is like my third baby. Okay. Keke, you got a good one. You got keke as your wingwoman. I got your back. When you're ready, go. Kickspos are inspirational inserts that refresh your shoes and your mindset. They're extra thin to fit in your favorite flats, heels, sneakers, they're one size. Easy trim to fit. They got an antimicrobial in them to keep your shoes smelling fresher longer. I started kickspos because as a new mom I was totally overwhelmed. I actually wrote affirmations on little pieces of paper and stuck them in my shoes. But seeing those messages and carrying them with me, transformed my mindset. So with the $25,000 I really want to create a community of graphic designers and artists to create even more designs for kickspos. I want to reach even more with uplifting messages to help them step into their power and to be mentored by the queen of execution, Kim perell. Throw kindness around like confetti. Kim? I love positive quotes. A positive mindset is a key to success. I thought your pitch was excellent. My question would be, could you add functionality? High heels hurt. How can you add functionality of comfort, something that might help me increase the purchasing power from a buyer's perspective. And Rachel, what did you think? I think it's so great, it's so nice to put your shoes on every day and stop for 15 seconds and look at what it says to remind you. I think one size is sometimes tricky because I have friends with a size 5 and I have friends with a size 11. That's one thing. But I'd think about how it could be more visible. Like, it really stays in people's minds, not just under your feet. Maybe something that goes on the shoe but somehow a little bit external, somehow, so that you get more out of it. It can go to more people. Well, thank you. We'll have the judges. This is the tough part, judges, you have 20 seconds to deliberate. Way to go, you did a fabulous job. Good luck to you both. Good luck, here we go. And it's the moment of truth. Who are you picking? Love the fanny pack. I also love -- The positive insoles. I think there's a great market, definitely has legs. But, after our consideration -- Ready? Fanny pack is going on to the finale! Good job, man. Congratulations. Tomorrow, Kim and guest fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff will hear from two more who will take their shot at $25,000.

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{"duration":"7:54","description":"Stylist Rachel Zoe and Kim Perell judge two more small businesses trying to win $25,000.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64970908","title":"Side Hustle Showdown: Dad's Fanny vs. Kickspo","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/side-hustle-showdown-dads-fanny-kickspo-64970908"}