Tory Johnson's summer solutions Deals & Steals

Get set up for summer with incredible savings on towels, beauty products and more.
5:03 | 06/25/19

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Transcript for Tory Johnson's summer solutions Deals & Steals
As always we partnered with these companies to bring you incredible savings. What's up, Tory? Hi. What you got for us? First up, leus makes all these amazing towels. That one there, Michael, with your buddy, it's a poncho towel, exactly. Good for the beach. Good for the beach. Nary really fun year-round. This one here, this is a microfiber one. That's awesome, because it's superabsorbent and dries very quickly. Oh, that's good. Dries quickly. No bulk, which is also great. The patterns they're really fun. Inspiring fun. Because you should be having anyway when you're outdoors. All kinds yoga, activewear, today, slashed in half, $6 to $27. So, this is really fun. This is on "Shark tank." I love shark tank. Exactly. You'll love that daymond John invested in this company. My boy daymond. This is their flexsafe. It allows you to store your valuables outdoors. Lock it on to a Stoller. You create your own code. You get to program your own code, so you don't forget your own code. Think about a golf cart. If you want to put it on a golf cart. A golf cart, yeah. If you're at the hotel, all of the pool furniture. You can attach it to a railing or a chair -- Just hope they don't have a pickup truck and they take the whole railing. Hopefully they would see that. Normally $70. Today they're slashed in half, 35 and -- Free shipping! Okay, now look, a lot of times, summer, you want to have a minimal beauty routine. We've got three of their bestselling products here. Their face oil, marula oil, it's great for hydration. But it won't leave you greasy. Their intense hair treatment. What's great about that, it's going to repair damaged, abused hair. It also helps to -- I don't abuse my hair, it's taken care of. It's going to help quicken the drying time and volumizing. All I have to say is volumizing spray. Normally, 30 to $90. Today it's all slashed in half. It starts at 15 -- And two favorite words -- free shipping. Okay, we're sticking with the beauty routine here. This is from butter London. It's all about who giving you great colors from lips to tips. That's eyes, though. These are awesome lip glazes. These, here -- supercool collection for them is their peel-off glitter collection. Oh, I love that. You get that awesome glitter coverage, but glitter is also really hard to get off. It is. You get that fun sensation of peeling it off without ruining your nails. No bad for you ingredients. From butter London. Today, it's slashed in half, 5 to 34 bucks. Okay, this is a really awesome deal, K Carroll. It's a cross-body bag. What's great, it's rfid lined. It holds -- exactly, it's the kind of thing -- You got your glasses. You got your phone, your cards. This is everything. Everything. But, rfid means that someone can't scan it and steal the numbers off your credit card. Your stuff is protected in there. Normally $20. Today this bag, 10 bucks in a variety of colors. 50% off. Then finally, from ideal fashions, watches, a big assortment here. It's fun. Mental bands. Canvas bands. Leather bands. Water-resistant options. Probably a zillion options online. The prop team gets crazy when I send them 30 boxes. A huge, huge assortment that you'll find online. It adds a pop of color, plus it's a functional accessory. Normally 88 to 345. Today everything is slashed in half. And -- Free shipping! Free shipping. And you know, it's awesome, Tory, you always bring us great deals. And we have a great audience who always appreciates it as well. You're going home from products from K Carroll, butter London and marula. At home, you have 24 hours to

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Get set up for summer with incredible savings on towels, beauty products and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63933528","title":"Tory Johnson's summer solutions Deals & Steals","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/tory-johnsons-summer-solutions-deals-steals-63933528"}