Artists and experts celebrate power of hip-hop

As we continue to honor Black History Month, “GMA” puts a spotlight on the artistic movement that includes rap music, fashion, dance, street art and social justice.
3:46 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for Artists and experts celebrate power of hip-hop
Now to the power of hip hop a movement that more than just music. We're talking fashion they had street art and social justice and as we celebrate Black History Month. We're passing the Mike to those who know beautifully to adopt grow best take a look. What chance do rapper. Can dehumanize. England managed just an island and can come the most dominate music genre in the in the found. Have commercials to the Super Bowl. But hip hop it's always been more than just entertainment. It has been a voice for the voice and it. People are hurt about the black experience you. They can learn our hopes our aspirations our dreams. Our trauma is the tragedies we've confronted the hopeful news that we embody. New York Times best selling author. Michael Eric Dyson fit the anfield to music had been addressing the issue though today for decades. So much. In the hip hop that speaks about ms. treatment. When you think about the whole range of issues that they're talking about Mike Hsu puck just the other day. Name. Not only did educate but it also up lifts Kendrick Lamar. Everything's going to be already legal beyond. That music represented the determination to overcome what makes. You know get immunity street coltart so appealing to the masses back in the day say civil rights and so on. We say we're gonna cross all works of the dominant society Neponset now young on crossover products. You know you go understand where we live so it's like an informal sociology class. But Clapp swim lesson delivered by Egypt like while a only promising. And it's mostly my mom is slowly got a field and come home this I was. They. You know music transcends age groups. Let nationalities. Religions like one of the most universal and I agree on where. For the critically acclaimed rapper and music if they calling so that activism would have been full focus on his latest album a beautiful revolution part one. So what is the story you want to tell your view. Rusty collapse of the black community because we've been. Do little. We've cadillacs and and overcome so always one. I wanna live man he had seen music power to unite. And yeah. When out without an in protest last year they say. It is it's like. Man is music means something it is like motivations no. So that people love this music and if you love this music you let read your own influence to make a change you know. Show up at protest movements changing the risk to identify with black full goal helped people register to vote also you know joining organizations and clubs that speak about not only this music but about the forward movement of African American society. And music speak to people are so many different ways and they're not good know you have your gospel music in the morning George you're rocket out you're dressing. Everyone has to everyday guys just get to the right move it before whatever you kind of take on for the day. And that would have made them when bank commented and doctor Dyson.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"As we continue to honor Black History Month, “GMA” puts a spotlight on the artistic movement that includes rap music, fashion, dance, street art and social justice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76105907","title":"Artists and experts celebrate power of hip-hop","url":"/GMA/Style/video/artists-experts-celebrate-power-hip-hop-76105907"}