Beyonce's makeup artist transformed us with his "Lion King"-inspired makeup line

This is what Beyonce's makeup artist's new 'Lion King' makeup line looks like on different people.
4:25 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for Beyonce's makeup artist transformed us with his "Lion King"-inspired makeup line
The good and a half I think everybody's. Mr. Johnson ever to make part today we're gonna go through Disney's line limited edition collection by me sir John. What I wanted to do was give a love letter sportsman council on women were taking Q did she didn't mean now we choose when we first came. Just. I was one of those kids I want to go through the movie back in the ninety's when he first came out and successes and thought we're basically do something to that area. Really remember before caller on and I it happens you're beautiful champagne and goals and I think it looks like britney's hair which is great way. Bring a little bit just going to the days. And went through this in the can call the eyeliner and this room the obviously not the way it. I'm gonna go for color Colin Powell you know he's in league this is pigments that we're gonna top this writer on the list. Reviews open into your teenagers are kind of the best way to use him peppers but it is brushes as well. Round up the look and when to take a caller called safari khaki. But this increase. Are khakis. One. It would basically down we're gonna go mass care wrapping up underneath the ice and that would. For now we're gonna go for less amusing the color of brave to through really finish off everything. And but. Oh my gosh I love it it's very very me go. When Jackie today we're gonna do. A little bit of the meadows doses of beautiful rich forest greens on the lit and I think you really cascades well into some corporate ball. We're gonna do and I flip. Stormont go directly for the color are the medals we've got fingers. We were right on faulty but when it disk contains the lower portion of the lit so it doesn't. Appear too much. And afterward Dalrymple in this tough. In the same dollar beverage for Africa play African players are beautiful transition caller through many years if increased. Using Jackie's under. With more of the green. And I would have a little fun. Since this summer and I'm gonna bring a little bit of blue into the equation. All we're gonna do is really Joseph and from the guys that you can of this if you look underneath PI. How can follow that happens you can just wiped away and her. To the top objects that might go for the liquid lipstick. Be prepared in the colors are trouble and this is the perfect time for a pistons are all from the news. It's pretty. Heavily at this holiday. So today on will go a little bit sculpting you know when he used the him in school and this is ambiguous gender would make it so this is something we can do or. The scope or. Bursting at reducing article from Procter and start to warm up X complexion of that. Basically in the cheeks temples of the four. We're gonna go across the bridge of the nose almost like you naturally would pick ups on. First product when reached for in the collection is the moment tentative but as a refuses. We're gonna go directly on the lips. The goal isn't to look like you have on the color for those who look like he woke up like. So we're gonna go directly into the school the whereabouts around here go vertical cotton dust and the senator from beautiful and achieve. Taking a bit the dust. And it's happening at a tiny bit and they were very go directly inside the nose. Let's take a caller com Rula. We're gonna justice all across the live. We're taking a little bit of the same color used on the list and going to record how many guys club. We're gonna go in the temples of the forehead and taking a bit of Cobb and mixing public Rula gonna go right in this area. Just hoping to spot that they.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"This is what Beyonce's makeup artist's new 'Lion King' makeup line looks like on different people. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64348330","title":"Beyonce's makeup artist transformed us with his \"Lion King\"-inspired makeup line ","url":"/GMA/Style/video/beyonces-makeup-artist-transformed-us-lion-king-inspired-64348330"}