‘Black Is King’ stylist Zerina Akers talks about the fashion from Beyonce’s film

Akers shares her inspiration for the visual album, which dropped a week ago on Disney+, and tips on how to get some of the iconic looks.
6:07 | 08/07/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Black Is King’ stylist Zerina Akers talks about the fashion from Beyonce’s film
Welcome back to "Gma," live from times square. Welcome back to "Gma." You're listening to it right now, Beyonce's album "Black is king" dropped a week ago. People are buzzing about the number of looks we are all talking about it. We are going to talk to queen bey's stylist live in a moment, but first an inside look at what made the visual album this global phenomenon. the gorgeous dances. The elaborate hairstyles and of course the fierce fashion, a huge part of the visual album's appeal. With the 24 time grammy winner having 45 looks. Vogue said it's the digital fashion event of the summer upstaging official fashion weeks by aligning garments with history, celebrity, purpose and unparalleled beauty. One of the most coveted looks -- this marine bodysuit and Adele sporting the same style. The global search engine list had the marine serre crescent moon rising 426%. Jay Z showcasing his style prowess. Costume stylist June ambrose has worked with the rapper for years and was the mastermind behind the looks. I was looking for the right cord and I enjoy the head band and the retro polo shirt and playing badminton with the dogs and the trousers and a terrycloth polo. Reporter: Queen bey's hair central to the looks. From the 30 foot long box braids, bantu knocks and the senegalese twist. I did my research on the bantu knots,ou know? The hat that was made into crochet to create a crown. Reporter: The styles spear headed by long-time Beyonce hairstylist Neal farinah who said this is more than just about hair. You know, African women was about hair. So every piece meant something to them. As respect and dignity. All right. Joining us now is one of the creative minds behind the incredible looks in "Black is king" zerina Akers. She has been Beyonce's wardrobe curator for six years and she's going to share some of her style expertise with us. First of all, congratulations on just this amazing, beautiful piece of art that we are all still gushing about. So we are so glad you're here to talk to us about it this morning. Walk us through your process a little bit and how you styled Beyonce and how you want -- this wasn't just about clothes but sending a message at the same time. Of course. You know, going into this, or going into any project really with Beyonce, I tried to sit down with her, you know, and get her thoughts and how -- like what's going on in her head, you know? How she sees things. And then, you know, I talked to, you know, our director we put it all together, but one of the early conversations I remember her wanting to try to pay homage to the art of water collecting and that it's still, you know, a very real daily practice for a lot of people. And her wanting to do that and creating it into the very artistic image, we -- you know, one of the earlier ideas was to create sort of the look. In the end what it turned out to be was this very beautiful fuchsia dress she is wearing with the river with her dancers and each look, hombre is lighter and lighter. So the dress is very languid and mimics the shape of the water and the river. It is stunning. Right behind you have a look for mood for Eva. What was the inspiration behind that book? Yeah, mood for Eva, one of the inspirations was coming to America and you sort of hear this subtle music in the background from "Coming to I wanted to take these analogies that people are afraid to use and that speaks to and throughout many tribes sort of the hierarchy in their society. You know, some of the more things that you wear, you know, the higher your rank. We used just animal printed things, you know, so I wanted to take these prints that people are usually afraid of and make them feel regal and rich and kind of inspire people, you know, to be a little bit more adventurous in their wardrobe. You certainly pulled that off. Amy and I are told that there are people out there who feel animal print might be too much for a wardrobe. Not us, that's for sure. How do you suggest bringing this to everyday life if somebody might have a little bit of, I don't know, trepidation about wearing an animal print? You know, there are subtle ways you can do it. If you work in the more corporate environment it's something I have examples here. Something like just incorporating a bag, you know? Or a pair of shoes. These are the shoes that Beyonce wore in the film actually with this look. You know, so -- even like if you have -- let's say a zebra printed blouse or a leopard printed blouse, one way you can go that is just wear it with the simple, you know, pair of black pants. You know, I think there's subtle ways and kind of ways you can do it, but if you're really daring you can mix it up. You know, so I think you -- you can really layer on the prints and play with some combos. I love that. Wow. We could talk to you all day. Thank you so much. We are looking forward to working more animal print into our own wardrobes.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"Akers shares her inspiration for the visual album, which dropped a week ago on Disney+, and tips on how to get some of the iconic looks. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72231590","title":"‘Black Is King’ stylist Zerina Akers talks about the fashion from Beyonce’s film","url":"/GMA/Style/video/black-king-stylist-zerina-akers-talks-fashion-beyonces-72231590"}