How to find the sports bra that fits just right

The latest in “The Right Fit” series shows why investing in a good sports bra is important.
3:52 | 11/22/19

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Transcript for How to find the sports bra that fits just right
We'll switch gears to our series, the right fit where we help you find clothes that look and feel your best. This morning it is all about sports bras something our Becky Worley is very passionate about. She helped two women with two very different fit issues. Take a look. Reporter: Whether you spin, cross train or run, this simple piece of apparel can make the difference between failure and success. Amy Finn is a new mom running half marathons and says she has to wear two sports bras. So you wear both of these at the same time. Yes. To stop the bounce. To stop the bounce. Reporter: Ar50e9 that Hampton, a kickboxer says her sports bra is critical for performance. I'm overcompensating for a heavy chest. My back starts to hurt. Reporter: To find the right fit tore these women we head to title IX that specializes in sports bras. In fact, Molly here is their bra-vangelis. We start with Amy. She's not even sure of her size. Women's breast size changes nine times over the course of their lifetime. Reporter: So first tip get measured regularly. Amy's old bras were elasticized pull overs so right away she gets in an adjustable classbra. This is too tight cutting in. You want to breathe and usually say two fingers. You can fit two fingers underneath the band. Reporter: This one she loves. I feel nothing is moving but it's quite comfortable. Not too tight. It just fits me quite nicely. Reporter: Now Aretha. The main problem with her old bras was overspill. I notice right here that Aretha is coming out of the bra. Reporter: This first title IX bra with an underwire addresses. I love it. Does it feel right? It feels awesome. They're high. Getting that side boob back in there then we have nice wide Reporter: For high impact sports she asks for even more support. This is actually a sport vest. This is the bra that we call the last resort. When Aretha gets it on, total lockdown. I can feel that it's really holding me down and it's strengthening my core and making my posture straighter. Reporter: Two athletes feeling fully supported. If you take anything away from this, Cecilia, it's that the technology is changed. You don't have to have a meat loaf on your chest when you put a sports bra on. It used to be that way. You look at the ac bra. It lifts and separates. Then we've got the big house bra here and this gave the coverage that Aretha needed. Got rid of that side boob and the last resort bra from title IX is a game changer for some women. Look at the back. Total lockdown. The women in the audience really like that. This is important we're talking about this stuff. You say you have more down here. The right fit for the right workout. You should change your bra depending what you're doing. From athleta we have the glory bra which can a high impact bra with underwire. Great for lots of bounce control. From nix, the catalyst bra. No underwire but good for high impact. Then you're going to yoga or pilates. Lululemon has the flowy. Like wearing air. You don't need that support. I'm sure all the ladies in here know this. These things can be very expensive. What do you know? What can you tell us? The cost and care? Think about what you pay for your athletic shoes this. Is a piece of equipment but this is a little bit of a unicorn shape listed this champion bra as one of their top ten and it's between 14 and $36. So like that. All right. Thank you, Becky. I'm glad we're doing this. We like to work out together. We know this is important. For more on finding the right supports bra go to our website. Now we'll head over to rob.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"The latest in “The Right Fit” series shows why investing in a good sports bra is important. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67224400","title":"How to find the sports bra that fits just right","url":"/GMA/Style/video/find-sports-bra-fits-67224400"}