#FreeTheCurls: Why ABC News' Janai Norman chose to embrace her natural hair on TV

How the ABC News anchor came to embrace her natural hair.
5:38 | 06/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for #FreeTheCurls: Why ABC News' Janai Norman chose to embrace her natural hair on TV
Cancer free my curls I first had to Freeman minds. And that may sound like an overstatement. But really. Hate it thank you shinning armor for nearly thirty years I was too distant bystander who did that left out. I just wasn't convinced. TV magazines society violations totaling I was a beautiful. Reporting live climb yet gene Norman ABC seventeen news my hair needs people straight. Eyes were green ice in fair. I just didn't make the cut. When I got pregnant back in 2017 I don't know yet if I was having a boy well but I knew that I want my kids loving arms out. Still to this day I hope that my son is confident it knows that is beautiful and perfect as it. I believe kids learn best by example. So I knew that I had somebody that confident that sense of Southport and myself. And a big part of that was excepting my hair. As it does my head. So I was battling this internal conflict undoing years of conditioning it's hard thing of beauty standard that I would never. At the same time learning to appreciate what makes me he. While reassuring myself. I can still be taken seriously and see it as a professional pineapple hair. For many women likely in news there's also an external factor we struggling in deciding to natural. We worry about what they're wearing our national hair will impact our career trajectory and how will be perceived at work. We worry for good reason there are news directors right now who will not allow black reporters. Anchors and where they're natural hair on air. And that is pushing. Still I was ready to challenge that and though it's been one of the most liberating decisions of my career it was not an easy one and it took some. I was pregnant. I can't straightened my here less than last. And eventually I was wearing wigs to protect him and a are. The first time anchored the overnight showed the hair stylist convince me un break my hair and to Wear my natural hair on air as a lights. This feedback that warning was fantastic. Surprising the overriding her short time later I decided I want to finally to bring more my natural self to that wrong. Most of the time I think twist out manipulating my girls 01 Monday in December eyes back from vacation and I didn't have time to test my here. I did washing which is just my natural curl pattern within cropped green. I hadn't bailed out an average teen or found the right products in I was so self conscious. That was the first morning I was on the do you may sat with Robin Roberts. Inherited. But honestly I don't put on Jon Keller this morning yeah. I wanna that hair. That would it. My husband's the last at me because for months years even encouraged me to Wear my natural parent aircraft was too nervous I was too scared I'm so reluctant. Once Robin Roberts signed off on it on national television. Rests its me. In response to that moment Eaton Robb in eyes. Pretty good hands and some media. And by then I start using aspect of the to celebrate make out there that cash. Helped garner more viewers and riots and into the fact that this wasn't just a different style conscious every decision. Three microbes that can stifled for years flat tires and then smothered under way. Off at a hearing from bonds got what it means for their daughter to Cedar Rapids and taste. I actually spends its only takes your dad when blunt comments that means that every time I don't go see you. She says that's been. Still many other women and then. It out. Some of them they just appreciate seeing that representation on TV. Having someone at the network without O'Hare. That elk does not mean. That the strikes me Martin. There's progress being made them like making sure that we're supported with hair stylists who know how to do national parent. Managers and decision makers will also open and it's important. And that's exactly what I port. To be what I've wanted to see what I needed to see growing up. Help the young girls growing up and coming up behind don't ever have to worry about how they're perceived to. Just very very tough here. And I hope things in my position. That I didn't do the same time. I imagine what it is black and abstinence. Only about a quarter of coal market wants to Wear her after him. It is. I hope she felt like hey. Is on ABC news with her natural hair if she can do it I can do it to you.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"How the ABC News anchor came to embrace her natural hair. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63700216","title":"#FreeTheCurls: Why ABC News' Janai Norman chose to embrace her natural hair on TV ","url":"/GMA/Style/video/freethecurls-abc-news-janai-norman-chose-embrace-natural-63700216"}