How to get the 'gilded holiday look'

Luis Casco, Global Beauty Ambassador and spokesperson for Mary Kay, a sponsor of "GMA," shows you how to achieve the perfect holiday look.
4:04 | 11/18/19

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Transcript for How to get the 'gilded holiday look'
for party season with something called the gilded holiday look created by this guy right here, Luis casco. Good morning. Spokesperson for our sponsor Mary Kay. Yes. Who doesn't love a little Shimer. A little shimmer. A little glam. This is the time to do it, right? You say it starts with skin care. We have three stops right here. Absolutely. First up. These little a patches that have a little shimmer in them. They have pink shimmer. The new Mary Kay hydra gel eye patches and go right under the eye. The lit pink shimmery gel will high great soothe and awaken the under eye. What time do you get up? Early. Early, right, so say bye-bye to that look of puffiness and dullness. How long do you keep these on You want to use them a couple times a week and leave them on for about 20 minutes and you baste the Turkey, wrap some gifts and for you guys out there you can also use these. I use them so they work. Yeah. You look great, thank you, Casey. Thank you, Casey. Next up have here, Chloe. Hi. You brought the energy. Gilded holiday look we've got the skin base now we're going to highlight. Now we want to talk about glow and highlight so you might want to switch to a luminous foundation, sometimes we like it matte but want to add extra Is there a sparkle in it? There's actually not sparkle but more moistizing so it'll keep your skin moisturized for up to 12 hours. But not wet looking. Exactly. Now you want a Luis tip? Yes, please. Highlighter. Have you seen the strips out there, ladies with the highlighter. Okay, so I'll show you my trick. Don't tell anybody. I'm using the highlighter and applying with one brush and take a clean brush and blend it so we can have -- takes off a little bit. You can use it with contour, blush, anything like that and always works. Luis, do you have a suggestion for us? There is a lot of new highlighters out there. There's with pink base and gold base and silver base. How do we know which one to use? Stick to whatever works best for your skin tone. If you're a little deeper in skin go a little more beige. If you're a little lighter, more pearl. Keep that in mind. Thank you very much. And now. The final step. Thank you so much. My girl. Our last beauty is sandy. The gilded look which is actually we started with a pretty neutral base, you know, because you can't go wrong with browns and Mattes and neutral. What I'll do is go for a little gold. Are you playing over there? I love this lip color. With your fingers let's say she's a dull face and wants to go -- I use my fingers too. Right on the lid, that's right. You want to do it quickly. Yeah, there we go, a little bling on the eye, open up. Boom. So you got that. And then -- Now we can do the lips then all you need to do is amp up the lip and started with a nude lip thousand applying a berry. For holiday we do red so many times but, hey, I like to say berry is also the new red this season. Okay. So you can wear a little bit of berry. This is a semi shiny lipstick. Not a gloss. You don't want to compete with the whole situation. Luis. We know you do that so well. Thank you very much. Amazing. Guy, everyone here can start getting party ready because you're all going home with Mary Kay hydra gel eye packs.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Luis Casco, Global Beauty Ambassador and spokesperson for Mary Kay, a sponsor of \"GMA,\" shows you how to achieve the perfect holiday look.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67104304","title":"How to get the 'gilded holiday look'","url":"/GMA/Style/video/gilded-holiday-67104304"}