What I hated growing up, is now the thing I love the most, my hair

Beauty influencer, Ada Rojas shares her natural hair journey.
3:17 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for What I hated growing up, is now the thing I love the most, my hair
Grandma I could remember your mind here always be back. It was always a struggle and he'd always a struggle that I'm sorry we're seeing something. They've moved over 100. Pictures and you know that's how they're probably wouldn't be at that repeats. And her brother and that is because people supported the fever haircut. My mother of the Clinton walking straight here patent when he management curl. My mom of the month they thought she couldn't afford to send your. My friends who would get the thinking. That if he had also folks that figure out. So I'm the only lead the council unfortunately here even more because it's something I just could not see him. We got some colleagues and mine recently. I. The because from ones in my life. Finally. Axis of street here especially my hair and always will be in the plan that she might hurl. That was the my incredible friends and indecency consumer and the national hear from duty on abusive. There was a bunch of incredible African American woman sure they're actually hear him he's. And how he managed to get that curled back I would copy gets only questions are here that I actually decided to start my own. Blog to share my journey probably the transition back to my beautiful. Yes it is. Ten years and I burial here Carolyn I have match that Foster an incredible community. Up front of the woman who are so proud of their. Where is the Carlsbad and actually growth out of there. Looking back I'm right I get very emotional thinking about the fact. The theme that I own that well some of its own. Is that everything that I used to eat them or not. I'm still being both black and actually entered improvement in divorcing me that they don't. And find other ways to define myself and my you'd better not external for example my kindness of my ability. And my love and compassion what others that makes you beautiful person. And anything else is suspects I did back that little girl is homers in the bathroom trying to seem well here. I hope that she didn't see me now. But when it happens content and I met slipped race all the beatings that society has cost the vehicle's England not worth you. All that matters and create a platform. It wasn't as good. Scott Appleby I don't eat and small systems are high. Who is this something nice. And easy that is BP rate is offering that adds he's spotlight contributions. Indian Country I hope we take a moment to celebrate. Exotic is within our collective and I acknowledge all of the differences that make a deal.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Beauty influencer, Ada Rojas shares her natural hair journey. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73315229","title":"What I hated growing up, is now the thing I love the most, my hair","url":"/GMA/Style/video/hated-growing-now-thing-love-hair-73315229"}