Here’s how clothing brands are eliminating traditional sizes

Many brands are changing the way clothing sizes are offered to help women find outfits that let them look and feel their best.
3:07 | 01/23/20

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Transcript for Here’s how clothing brands are eliminating traditional sizes
have help women find clothes to look and feel their best. Clothing sizes are changing and some brands are even eliminating traditional sizes. A story you first read about in "The Wall Street journal." That's right. And you'll be back here, Paula, to tell us more about it. I am back. Lovely outfit, by the way. Twinning. Most shoppers have a really hard time finding clothes that fit. There is no question that our clothing system is absolutely broken. Why? Because the sizing code was developed almost 100 years ago and didn't factor different sizes, shapes or ethnicities so from made to measure to micro sizing and name coding many companies are turning this antiquated system on its head. Thank goodness. Yes. Can someone zip me up? It won't close. It's a 5. It must be marked wrong. It's not just in movies like "Mean girls." For most women finding the right size is tough. If you've ever been in a dressing room the current sizing system is broken. There was a big sizing study that was done and they asked shoppers if they had trouble finding clothing that fit and 70% said, yes, they did. So what will it take to fix the flaws of standardized sizing? There is a solution, a lot of companies are trying to crack this problem, but it's not standard sizing, it's probably made to measure. Reporter: Made to measure sounds expensive so to find an affordable solution for all, start-ups like laws of motion are developing the future of fit with 144 micro sizes. Size inclusivity is not just about the size range but the unique shapes that show up within each of those traditional sizes. There are 14 different variations of a size 6 here. All about the ratio of a woman's body and how she's carveying volume on the body. Fill in a questionnaire and voila, a dress is made just for you. You're not going to give somebody a size 10l. It's going to be custom to their name. That's exactly right and reflect your unique body shape and size. You would be a size Paula. Made to order isn't the only answer. Some of the big retailers are introducing curvy and straight that are meant to fit different body sides. Reporter: Others are getting rid of traditional sizing altogether like girl. Each is modeled after a famous female athlete. The world of size is destined to for change. The CEO of Levi Strauss said in ten years sizes are going to be obsolete and thinks by then all clothes will be made to measure to fit individual bodies. Wow. Putting the whole system on its head. One other thing about laws of motion I love, yes, they have 144 microsizes, robin, but they have no inventory, they have absolutely no waste. When you order a dress that's when they make it and they will make a robin. Perfect for you. They don't have to have any excess to -- No inventory, no waste. They don't make the dress until you order it. Beautiful. A great sustainable model. Thanks for bringing it to us. Thank you, robin.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Many brands are changing the way clothing sizes are offered to help women find outfits that let them look and feel their best.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68475368","title":"Here’s how clothing brands are eliminating traditional sizes","url":"/GMA/Style/video/heres-clothing-brands-eliminating-traditional-sizes-68475368"}