Masks evolve to fashion's latest trend

Fashion expert Melissa Garcia shares how everyone can put their best face forward with some great "mask it" styles.
6:13 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for Masks evolve to fashion's latest trend
And back here on "Gma," we appreciate you joining us on this Wednesday morning, which happens to be smack dab in the middle of world mask week and, Amy, you have a look at the latest mask fashion. Can you believe we're talking about this, robin? We are and everyone obviously encouraged to wear that face covering in public so it's not surprising that etsy says it sold more than 20 million masks in the past three months, yeah, it's also no surprise that people are looking for masks to express their style. Take a look. it's a fad so fresh it's making a debut rather than a comeback. Enter the face covering, the once plain mask turning high fashion by celebs like cardi B and Billy eilish. They're a great way to enhance your outfit aeks express your personality. The most important thing sur's wearing a mask. Reporter: Etsy reporting $133 million in sales for face coverings in April alone. The latest craze a mask chain. It's like a neck last for your It is so much easier to use and to have your mask with you when it's hanging around your neck like an eyeglass chain. Reporter: Jennifer's online business selling out of their crafted chains. It was very exciting. We couldn't keen our own selling them off our necks. Reporter: No matter your mask always try to make the most of it. And fashion expert Melissa Garcia is showing us how to put our best face forward with some great mask it fashion. Thanks for being with us. I know to start us off you have one of the necklace masks we just showed. Tell us about it. Yes, good morning, thanks for having me. So as you said, we've come a long way from those blue surgical masks and masks are here to stay so we might as well embrace it. I'm wearing one of the necklace masks you talked about from second wind, a women's owned small business Latino owned and they have beautiful silhouettes and also have gorgeous chunky necklaces which also function as a chain to help keep them in place. We also have some other options from this same brand. They have some really cool chains and might look heavy. Lightweight starting at just $40. All right. We can't do a fashion segment here at "Gma" without models and you have a couple of models apparently there with you but this is all about kids' masks fashion. Yes, so I woke two of my three kids up. I said I don't know the last time they were up this early. Many so for kids, I think the biggest thing is letting them pick it out themselves and feel like they have some input into what they're wearing. Harlow loves to match her outfit to her mask. Tie tye was a huge friend using this gorgeous tie-dye mask and found the best come from the smaller etsy and Instagram shops. This is from Lana platen creative and personalized with an "H." You can do other ones as you see on the table. Fun, comfortable and machine washable then Sam is wearing one from top trends. They have a ton of options. They're super comfortable. They have the adjustable straps around the ear and have an adjustable nose bridge, machine washable so something here for everybody. We also by the way have some of our "Gma" producers modeling for us as well and this next one I'm really interested in because for those of us who like to run outdoors wearing masks is very tough especially when it's hot outside because you're breathing heavily so our producer tori and her fiance Chad have options. Tell us about those, Melissa. Yes, so just like you said, Amy, when you're breathing in and out really hard the one thing you don't want is your mask sort of breathing in and sticking to your nose and mouth and want to have a great fit so as you can see Tory is wearing this great one. It has their signature feather lightweight fabric. Antimicrobial and bridge on the nose which prevents it from sucking into your mouth while breathing heavily while working out and have her fiance Chad wearing one from under Armour. Three-layer technology, really lightweight. Also antimicrobial and machine -- he's doing such a great job modeling and machine washable as well so these are the perfect masks to wear when working out. Okay, and now another one of our producers, Cameron, who I must say is the first to volunteer for these segments. We're talking about guys. What are men doing for fashion when it comes to masks these days? Yeah, so for guys it's all about comfort and function. Whenever you're picking a mask it's all about getting the right fit and these are -- he's having a good time. These are great because they fit well from Kohl's, JCPenney, inexpensive, they have the bendable nose bridge with that perfect fit and adjustable ear bands and have pockets where you can insert a carbon filter if you'd like also. Cameron bringing his model a game. Zoe will have to live up to high standards. If you want sparkle which J. Lo is wearing as we see here, Zoe is showing blinged out looks. Tell us about those. Yes, so these are fun. So this is a sequin mask from Katie may which is a bridal company that is sort of piven voting in these new and interesting times and they created these gorgeous sequin masks which are great for going out at night or just want to elevate your look but still fit all of the boxes for being safe. And then I also love the idea, there's cool brands on etsy that have these really great masks so this is from way idea on etsy. It's a cover for your mask. An accessory for your mask and can add it to any mask you own like a rhinestone accessory, pop it on and elevates your entire look. We want to thank our models who are such good sports and Melissa, thank you to you and your children. Head out to our website for more info on the masks.

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"Fashion expert Melissa Garcia shares how everyone can put their best face forward with some great \"mask it\" styles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72322632","title":"Masks evolve to fashion's latest trend","url":"/GMA/Style/video/masks-evolve-fashions-latest-trend-72322632"}