How to take your wardrobe from winter to spring

Style expert Melissa Garcia shares her pro tips for transitioning your wardrobe as temperatures rise.
3:18 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for How to take your wardrobe from winter to spring
at "Gma." Time to spring into action with our sponsor zir tech. Fashion expert is here to help take our closet from winter to spring. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to style for warmer weather that will save you money. It's a little chilly. It's spring. We want to move ahead. The best tip. Exactly what you're doing. You take your winter staples and then bring a spring on on-trend We got some examples. Starting with the motive jacket. Generally, we wear one in the wintertime with dark legs. We could easily update it with some spring trends. We have the jacket, two of the spring trends we're seeing is the whitewash denim. Neon, too, is great color we're seeing now. The neon, should we buy a neon piece? I'd buy a piece. But it's not a focal point of your look. Thank you, Jen. You look great. Do you feel good? Another item that we say hang on are your leather legs or faux leather legings. Transition them into spring, we see here we have Carly wearing them for her winter look. We'll bring them into spring. I love this. You mixed and matched. We brought a spring piece in. It's all about this oversized blazer. Trending huge these days. We pair it with the camisole. Open-toe shoe pulls the whole look together for spring. Great inspiration for at will of our closets. Thank you so much. You know those chunky sweaters that we all love. You say, not so fast. Don't pack them away so fast. I love the idea of bringing them into spring. Nicole with her winter look with dark jeans. Here, we can bring her knit sweaters into spring. Here, it's all about the tie-dyed print and the maxi skirt. Light fabric, light color. Pulls together beautifully. I'm feeling garden party with this. It's rally cute. How do you feel? Good. Thank you so much, Nicole. Then finally a staple so big right now are these little bootie. Reporter: Little booties that we all have. Hang on to the boots. This is all about pairing it with a floral, sort of flirty fun dress. A little bit of a Coachella vibe that we're feeling here. But I love this. It pulls together beautifully. Again, a light fabric, light color, spring. Pulls the whole look together. All of this stuff is likely in your closet. So, consider freshening it up as we move from winter into spring. Thank you. Thank you. You can shop all of these looks on our website. "gma."com. I've slain your dreaded dragon.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Style expert Melissa Garcia shares her pro tips for transitioning your wardrobe as temperatures rise. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62451484","title":"How to take your wardrobe from winter to spring","url":"/GMA/Style/video/wardrobe-winter-spring-62451484"}