Disney reveals reopening plans, dates for US parks

Disney CEO Bob Chapek talks to ABC News about how Walt Disney World is prepared to reopen its gates in Florida on July 11.
3:22 | 05/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Disney reveals reopening plans, dates for US parks
are going to continue with Walt Disney world preparing to open its magical Gates once again. Our parent company, Disney, announcing plans for the park to re-open in Florida on July 11th. Rebecca Jarvis spoke to Disney's CEO Bob Chapek about what could be in store for summer visitors and Rebecca is back with that story for us. Good morning again, Rebecca. Reporter: Hi, robin. Yeah, that's right. Disney has submitted detailed plans to local officials outlining exactly how they're going to do this so that everyone in the parks, employees and visitors, can enjoy them safely and productively. While many things might look different the goal is to keep that magic alive. Overnight, Disney unveiling plans to help make those magical moments possible again with a phased re-opening of Walt Disney world starting July 11th. In order to go to full speed you got to start somewhere and we'll start from the beginning and we'll be very responsible in doing that. Reporter: Disney's CEO Bob Chapek outlining the new guidelines which include limiting attendance, requiring face coverings for all guests and staff, social distancing, plexiglas barriers, increased hand washing and sanitizer stations along with temperature and health screenings. How different is the park going to look when visitors enter now? Well, you'll see a lot more areas that are taped off that are going to specify what six feet actually looks like in the park. You recall's see a lot less lensty than awe normally might see. While not everything will be open most will and that will, of course, do the math will turn into a much shorter wait time. Reporter: Disney, the parent company of ABC news, drawing on its experience successfully re-opening Shanghai Disney and Disney springs earlier this month. What has been the biggest challenge of re-opening the parks? I think the biggest challenge in re-opening the park is the inherent sense of trust that the community places within Disney. That is a bond. That is a contract that we would never ever want to violate and knowing that there's going to be some implicit risk in doing almost anything in a post-covid world, we need to make sure that when we do open up we're doing it very conservatively and in a measured way. Reporter: Chapek signaling a restart to the NBA season at Disney's ESPN wide world of sports complex in Orlando could be in play. Is that going to happen? Well, we would be thrilled to see the NBA finish out their season at Walt Disney world. As you know our wide world of sports facility is not only enormous but it's state-of-the-art and we're in daily conversations with the NBA to see if this is something that they want to happen. We certainly would like it to happen. Reporter: I think that would be an exciting idea for a lot of people. Keep in mind everyone who enters the parks will need a reservation and in order to accommodate all those people who already had trips planned to Disney world Disney is not taking new reservations. They be working with people who have existing reservations, Michael, to work out the details of those future plans and I think I speak for all of us when I say we appreciate you, all of those Disney cast members, for helping with this re-opening. Absolutely. A lot of happy people when that opens up and as Mr. Chapek said shorter wait times. A lot of people smiled at that as well, Rebecca. Appreciate it. As temperatures begin to

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Disney CEO Bob Chapek talks to ABC News about how Walt Disney World is prepared to reopen its gates in Florida on July 11.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70922639","title":"Disney reveals reopening plans, dates for US parks","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/disney-reveals-reopening-plans-dates-us-parks-70922639"}