Travel on a virtual vacation

Travel expert Annie Georgia Greenberg gives an inside scoop into "60 Second Cities: The World Your Way," the first "choose your own adventure" travel show.
3:10 | 09/05/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Travel on a virtual vacation
Now to the virtual vacation you've been waiting for. Before the pandemic Annie Georgia Greenberg crisscrossed the world to create 60 second cities, the world your way. The world's first choose your own adventure travel show. In each episode you create your own unique travel pass, so whether you opt to explore the outdoors or stay at a hotel, you feel like you're packing your bags and jetting off. She joins us now as our virtual travel expert showing us how to take a globe-trotting trip without ever leaving your house. Thanks for being with us so much this morning. First up, eating. It's one of the highlights of travel. How can we bring that experience into our own kitchens? Three things, so why not take a virtual cooking class. We were lucky enough to shoot in roam for 60 second cities, but if you're not headed to Italy right now, no worries. Nonna nerina, an 84-year-old Italian grandmother, is bringing her classes online. She offers up authentic classes for groups and private sessions and a two-hour class starts at just $60, and who doesn't love to make pasta. I think you have some there in the studio. But if you want another taste of Rome, you get specialty items delivered to your door right from Italy. Roscioli right in the heart of Rome sells pasta kits right to your door and you can try your hand making it right in your kitchen. We filmed there for "60 seconds," and it was amazing. Annie, I'm going to try the pass have, but I know a lot of people are also missing the chance to check out art. What's your remedy for people who are feeling art starved? Totally. I think one of the best parts about traveling is seeing masterpieces all around the globe, and you still can. Your airbnb experiences, you can take classes with Broadway stars, go backstage and learn from the pros, and with "60 second cities" you can choose artistic cities all around the globe and see private tours of museums all around the world including the met right here in nyc, or kick things up a notch in our Cartagena episode with a local Colombian dance class that you learn from the real stars. That's really cool. Eva got some pasta on the carpet I did not. Dan spilled pasta on the floor. Maybe I did that. Finally, we all love some cute animals. How can we bring the wildlife to our living room? Yeah, I was surprised by how much animals played a part in our travel. With "60 second city's" Sydney episode, you get to meet the meerkats and say hi to the kangaroos that the outback is known for, or if you're looking to get your heart pumping dive with the sharks in a supervised tank. You can see all of that on It's called But we're not the only ones. Join the daily lives from the Cincinnati zoo. They're doing home safaris where they feature a different new animal every day 3:00 P.M. On their Facebook. I actually took the nonna nerina cooking class. And it was one of the best experiences I've had in the pandemic. Really? It was so much fun. Did you spill the pasta on the floor again the way you did -- Nope, not like you did. Thanks, Annie, so much for being with us. Check out refinery29 and eko "60 second cities" to keep the virtual vacation going.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Travel expert Annie Georgia Greenberg gives an inside scoop into \"60 Second Cities: The World Your Way,\" the first \"choose your own adventure\" travel show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72835490","title":"Travel on a virtual vacation","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/travel-virtual-vacation-72835490"}