13 first-time moms became one another’s pandemic support system

Little did they know their pregnancies and a pandemic would create a long-lasting friendship!
4:43 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for 13 first-time moms became one another’s pandemic support system
09. Have gone her whole pregnancy together and then ultimately able to continue. Along these other kids are the scene in. I don't know what I would do. Its if they got a crazy during their pregnancy. And I just wanted to I salute you know moms that work oh islands in China where god choosing I was. Great aren't coming together and figure out how are supposed to go through this and seen Ballmer pandemic which obviously none of glass and just to eat it. And second hit her pregnancy her husband's Vernon and your plan apparently since the that was kind of the time where we all funded a lot more when we were scared we were there and they were the only ones and knew what we were going through really. For the first time you look forward to you know all these milestones recap I eat each hour and worrying. Is that your family your friends and none of us straight to do that because the ID eat. Quarantine because the rest get our and partial. Throughout we were all going to our doctors pretty much sharing with each other what each other's doctors are saying they all gave different information but pretty much no one really knew it was going. I. I actually. Got mad which led the very scary. I of people that I can opt in that kind of Tommy down through bulk thanks. An area. That it went as at it then and she came out for six. The pregnant I first time mom and don't know what are your leg and broke in on it being an article. Lee nor is there Heinemann Annie and Everett acts. An emergency Eric's I was working through until April 1. Accidentally backs and an average estimate hand young. I also are kind of lying on tax I work is very happy I mean having to really yeah not. There's really hard. An it is. One of the study times any. Baby at her age group an unexpected. Lay down and back at where she is super important to stress Ebert is wearing a mask outside. And and. In Italy first it was like we all are going slowly like. I. An audio and her rear and the Pentagon that. Now. First time that grandparents it was through. Enlightening. A little bit that senior. And like Condit got it art or at around and. Not. Healthy for our site T shower T. And. Room. An hour by act. Or all Irish aren't pregnant and I think it's some kind group. Where's it going similar it's really really hot. Well especially when you're stuck at home EU. Laker. E.s were like aren't quite at that time because now like. The girl's style that is great. She joined weary slightly. And.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Little did they know their pregnancies and a pandemic would create a long-lasting friendship!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74310141","title":"13 first-time moms became one another’s pandemic support system","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/13-time-moms-anothers-pandemic-support-system-74310141"}