What you need to know about the 30-day challenge

Dietician and nutritionist Maya Feller breaks down everything you need to know about the challenge.
3:36 | 01/25/20

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Transcript for What you need to know about the 30-day challenge
Continuing now their self care Saturday within a trend alert for use thirty day challenges are all the rage on Lindsey Graham but is there really any magic to the number thirty here to break everything down to you need to know about their unique challenges registered dietitian and nutritionist my Feller good morning can. My name so what is it about. Thirty days that makes a habit stick does that even make it stick I know so right it's like why not seven or 21 but what we found is that behavioral specialists say that it takes any way air. From eighteen to 254. Days. To solidify a new habit that's why authority it's a great start. And and far who can your view having looked at some of these Varity challenges are they all created equal that they all work. Also what I would say they're not all created equally right whether your challenge is asking you to change your heat here. For your nutrition or your physical activity it needs jeans being added to fall. And what your tips for us if we're gonna start on one of these 38 challenges what are your chance OK so. I just love this graphic what it's doing here we're taking you from day zero to date thirty. And one of the things they always say is if they are easy to replicate that's actually gonna take you all the way to deep thirteen. Ken you think about. How to replicate that behavior seen your actual real life right what's happening ID 31. Now let's say the plan is asking for over exertion. Well that's gonna get you may be halfway through if you have to do lots of exercise to restrict huge from groups maybe not so much. Now small changes this is what if my apt to favor it's getting you all the way to date thirty a recent study that came out just yesterday in the journal of obesity. Found that people who didn't he ain't it. My crude behavior really thought long term changes small changes matter I love it and now let's say remarkable results blanket that's right. You Wanda. C a huge transformation at C thirty's maybe not that's gonna get he's just a tiny bit out of the gate so look at this you can feed these tips and get yourself from zero to pick. It seems like we really focusing on here is this scalable beyond our as you said starting on day 31 easy to replicate small changes. We can carry on with remarkable results like. Remake your whole body Elway unlikely exactly so outlook talk of one of the most famous thirty day challenges which is the whole thirty yeah. We've got some as some crops over here. Luckily they still hope thirty really focuses on. Eating whole in minimally processed foods while removing alcohol greens. And dairy and added sugars. I mean it's one of those diets that people find you know they can really kind of engage in that initial behavior change and begin to think about how they're interacting with foods. Arnold thirty you're gonna eat things like avocado pumpkin seeds. Tune Sam then we get some Chia and flax and you see some nice heart healthy fats over here. These are the foods that you're gonna go ahead and avoid so things like the added sugars this is your I've got they here's Stevie. Your week your Brad Dirk rains and of course this what if kind of tricky. People think oh you know like a pay Leo snack that's great. You're gonna get that on hold very. Did I guess my question is some greens are healthy team line is healthy whole wheat bread can be healthy and small amounts of what's so why cut all that out so I did Reinhold thirties that you're doing this reduction in these things. It's not right for every right to what happens on day 31 how do you re introduce these holes creating. In a meaningful way while being mindful of portion it's my view the most important thing is just have a healthy relationship with food my half thank you very much if and it you can go to Good Morning America dot com slash. Self care for more tips and self care challenges. Every month and join a conversation in our GMA insider FaceBook group.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Dietician and nutritionist Maya Feller breaks down everything you need to know about the challenge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68528681","title":"What you need to know about the 30-day challenge","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/30-day-challenge-68528681"}