I have autism. Here's what I would tell my younger self about acceptance

22-year-old Bronson Layton from Ragland, Alabama, who was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified, is an English tutor and aspiring professor.
5:30 | 10/22/20

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Transcript for I have autism. Here's what I would tell my younger self about acceptance
Here Bronx. And no you're probably too young to understand this but part of me feels like you already know what I'm about telling. I bet it must be tough and those elementary classes. Get to sit in the front of the class where you can see the war. But those early morning warm up worksheets compete fairly challenging. Especially with practicing subtraction problems. However. You must know that no matter how long it will take your going to pace that was math test throughout school. Sure the other kids math raised their hands and answer a question quickly. But when you do get the opportunity. Now the teacher nor the students will give you a hard time now trying to come up with the answer your own pace. No one ever so that you have to be fast to be Smart. And everyone knows how eager you are to learn new things. My Irish found out. Can query about those kids cope funny your lazy. Or your unique sense of humor. Most of those kids do not understand what it is like to happen involuntary. Eye movement. And your humor is only your way of trying to make new for him. Which will gain more up everyday. I understand how hard it must be to try to fit in with a group of people. Think you'll find your group. As long as you've just keep being yourself. And know how nervous you must feel now trying to help for the football team in the fourth grade. You say you're too fragile for tackling and that is perfectly okay. Football's not for every. However I encourage you to take your mother's advice and join the marching band and school. I know you're not familiar with musical instruments are doing marching drills there will be good for your confidence builder. Your parents will be so proud and and you'll be amazed at how well not only put you in a peer group that the independence you'll get. From marching we'll take you following years old. There wouldn't comment days when you will learn something extraordinary about yourself at some point when your kids can. You will come across some papers while touting nothing else for your am. These papers will reveal to me. The fact that you were diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. At the agency. Dvd and no end modeling. Is a type of autism that delays the development of the child brain. Which can affect his or her critical and learning skills. This will seem overwhelming when you've discovered us. The stake home quietly tell your parents about your concern. They will kill you that they. Never reveal your diagnosis you perform. Because they do not want you to kill inferior to everyone else. They never want me to feel that way because they really love. In time you will come to accept the fact that you are an autistic. Which will be your first step to a bigger and better lives. That's sixteen you'll have enough confidence in yourself start dropping. And eventually from days. Eleventh and twelfth grade and after elementary school Ryan we'll take you for around. You'll wrap essays. Were original stories and eventually your classes graduation speech. That one speech will motivate you to continue raping exceptionally. College. As it is the byproduct. What autism provided you with. A creative mind. In terms of your graduation. He will fill astonished to know that you'll be leaving your classmates out of school as the senior class president. Many of your fellow classmates will even tell you that they could not have picked a more model student for the position. In addition. You'll earn the opportunity. To be named as one of your classes three understood it. You will be excited to know that you will fulfill her dream of becoming an English tutor at the college we'll hand. It will be the ultimate milestone seemed to become an English professor one. Show others that autism is not what makes people different from the world is what helps people make a difference in the war. Two others who are autistic. I hope they think of themselves as a lottery ticket. They are one of the millions they are very valuable in nature and they have the potential to change the lives of those around. Evidently. Having faith in yourself is what gotten this far and I hope you'll continue to do so for the rest of your day. Hopefully when everyone here's your voice. Maybe you'll and spark that one kid to take a step forward like you do. Sincerely. Your future cell.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"22-year-old Bronson Layton from Ragland, Alabama, who was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified, is an English tutor and aspiring professor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73750811","title":"I have autism. Here's what I would tell my younger self about acceptance","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/autism-younger-acceptance-73750811"}