Breastfeeding basics: All of your questions answered

Learning how to breastfeed can be an extremely frustrating process.
8:40 | 08/21/19

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Transcript for Breastfeeding basics: All of your questions answered
The first few weeks after this tries as boring your only job is to east city. And breast feed his trial it's. I'm looking counts any meaning any stories and funding to guests or visitors falls into someone else's domain that's not your job. Hi my name is doctor Rodney King climate pediatric residents and today air want to talk about everything you need to know on how to breastfeed your baby. Everybody knows pretty in twos in you that at the baby's crying that there probably hungry. But they actually give a lot of different signs before they get to this stage they start crying so if you look at your baby and their inner and it's their tongues going in and ask them. They're shaking her head kind of site to site looking for an and they're grasping and young grasping their hands they're actually signs that the baby's hungry cold and Hunger Games. The most important change is that you're confident in the case tools and rise. So they should be a case that's quiet that prompter that you. Read the old me in. The other teens want is it here it has a night Samantha back support. And any support devices you're going to be using my pillow or blanket our old times and once you're sitting down with baby don't have to get off again act and the other thing you might wanna do is strictly began to diapers this prevents the baby from getting million strong citizen when they get and the Dominican they get tired and they fought off the press eight if your mom and you have to be at your BV and you have to press and then I'll play. First he should he compete in Harry to do that this is why your body is in need forward to anybody coming to your space and tidy cats featured science there's nothing like different is that some here that leaking gas there's something better more on he likes her toxin bronze that kind of I eat in a bit more clobbered. But something as simple as that like lice. Lean and lanky that you have put over your babies about your business Robert Wagner for eating it's also opening used to be easier be kind of often as they're hungry for it at that England's past easing has been this ominous. That might be every Aaron not. Every three calories rice was carrying two weeks of life if the EP is even to go longer at. You can space at your feet and that it it's OK if they're not waking up and crying so I getting ready to breastfeed your baby light district and thanks their diaper and you can hear him physicians do it. Scheme to gain on your cats and taken but the club to break this isn't pretty take a second for you when your baby to be an old daughter have a couple. This is great for babies have sent bonds click here health and get to know here this is great for you couldn't get it back and enjoy your child. Created Athens and stick freer meant production and the once Clinton your baby he felt in his rating from your brain that helps the milk at brass and also have produced more. And with objectively to see if your baby's getting enough meant its bottling frequently here he trees in and seen it thirteen. When they're only should be seen your pediatrician all the time. So they'll be monitoring their game the only thing he can do is a catastrophe after you fat and they seem satisfied are they falling me. I think going Aaron to three galleries after he before their cry in the attic and I Amy and lots of black and the diaper if you're probably seen us live now when your feet Perth born. They're still apparent signs are very very long they won't so much in this. And the first harassment and preaching is called from. It's not team nicknamed it would pollute because it's still dancing attrition and it's so if it's our eyes maybe it's. Her fifty satchel. For child needs this morning. Philly here eighteenth one week or and they are making less than six wet diapers at an app probably doesn't mean that they're not getting enough men and he should be home by logging trees and one of the most common them moms complain I mean when they're eating thing usually that is the cause they're Anthony. Huntsman isn't right. So bring you mom can be re heart and some might. How much of my due to be put it this babies like ocean this look like your babies should be full of aerial. Are you an is that. Exactly it means it's scary thing and then there should be as its. Two words that act and Reeve of the babies if that babies need them eating property when he happened in front of them picking me first weenie cart events and often. The work of art equipment at a news. And then it also can loss of just wing air here on on form on the not having a lot. This conference. You have to like Heath care and an act sang they eat you press that get a bit of voicecon. You know. Quite often that if he could read up on it making it an airtight protects it from an action. Because bacteria love we let me as so let it airtight. And you can get some Long Island when you're right there are even some rest and drop it on your. Before you put it acting in here with the rest you know old rate to stop T thing between your and your eyes people here. So you're breastfeeding moms want perhaps somewhere between his horizon 315. Patent fight under Irene that. It diet that you should be turning to breath heating is kind of the other woman to that area. There really mean more than in green thing he needs from us. If you are someone with median bit more of it Kiki hearing a hard time with your bank it might be but I TH take multivitamin if you're breastfeeding moms that that vegetarian or heat and probably should be taken in B twelve supplements. Yes you can drink and breast feed beanie scenery care for lingered in the national tank still if you're having a drink. That 100 units about need to wait at least two hours and or less before you breast feed this try and pumping and dumping does not work. People eating that works is we seeing. Two carries for one unit about the hot tiny have coffee in your breath and answer is due at maturity you're applying common sense that you're not having ankle to copies and having so much caffeine and it's getting into your practice note. And making your beanie years about. We can order to cops yeah. This heat. He advice. A baby sitting wrecks that screenings of the up to six months of age and that's aging start introducing. A lot of other agencies with further advice to heart should keep on breastfeeding until they tried this teen years of age if you aim is to do laps. Very image Aristide mothers that's. Our him or are working mother is that might point me to attempt. Grass long reading trying to get six month mark you. You're protecting your baby when they're not facts in these events important facts it's. He can keep spinning them off until the six month. If you can employees using a on your baby into their six weeks of aids clinic and blatantly called me confused and when your breast feeding your net states toward the act. And the wreath at eight tonight pretty far back. And when you're feeding from the file that piece of the box in the front of the babies and and they have to work. Significantly. Less hard to get back in their eyes so walk and saying is they're used to this follow where they don't have to work a lot. And a nickel back to the breast and they're like. I don't want to have to do all this work give me the pot if you're pumping near per accident and then storing them in for eastern eating you wanna piper. One you want to make sure that your equipment is always me. You wanna make sure that when you're putting your Aggies of Rasmussen afraid that your wouldn't be non. Sit back there in beetle and looking forward for teen long. No breast milk should be thanked their baby after it's been frozen for twelve months not everybody can eat. There are lots of different reasons why mother when she went to press their baby for some time is that people even write their client. I don't believe in money seeming you. Are the best paying that your time muddy grass eater too. So it means nothing about the bond that you with this child and means nothing if I was in there. People perhaps teacher made me the advice that I would give teen mom needs to be coming to your sad you know. There's just so much pressure and it's the perfect mother and thinking every move perfectly once. If he since that didn't remember you just need to purge that. Made this baby so would take some time in practice this to read ingredients going for your body to Rick and after pregnancy old and needs a lot of care and loans and grants and fame and ponting CB Sidney you know from an. He has tried they knew.

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