Broadway star Nick Cordero dies after long battle with COVID-19

Cordero, 41, had been on a ventilator in a Los Angeles hospital since early April, and sustained several lung infections and required a leg amputation.
3:43 | 07/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Broadway star Nick Cordero dies after long battle with COVID-19
We are gonna switch gears now and get more I'm nick Cordero the 41 year old actor losses battled the core of our Sunday. After three months in the hospital his wife and Ana Cruz showed an emotional message overnight and Deb Roberts has the story can win again. Good morning George yes this is certainly not the outcome that Amanda clue Ted invasion. When she's so courageously took us all along this heartbreaking journey fighting for her husband's recovery trying to. Harness the global power of positive idiot prayer. But in the end the corona virus was just too difficult of an enemy to defeat. He was a talented actor who stole the spotlight. On stage. Sunday. Brian down last goes on. And in front of the camera. Nick could Darrow losing his battle against corona virus complications. Three months after he was diagnosed. His wife Amanda Kreutz on instant Graham. God has another Angel in heaven now. I am in disbelief and hurting everywhere. My heart is broken as I cannot imagine our lives without him. In March just days after sharing this image of his wife and son on instant Gramm quit Darryl fell ill. He may lose his wife telling Michael Strahan about those early symptoms. Kidnap you read it caught he had an appetite has sent this now yet sent taste. So he really didn't think that it was called it. On April 1 the 41 year old actor would seem dated in the icu at cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. His battle against the illness was uphill. Unexpected health complications of rose including strokes sepsis damage to lungs and blood clots that resulted in a leg amputation. Through it all his wife who couldn't be by her husband's side remaining optimistic. Dancing outside his window. Going I don't instant Graham dude singing a song hurt your life. Even joined by fans and well wishers all across the country. Schering the ups and downs of her husband's health journey alongside the couple's one year old Elvis. Begs. That Barack. Ain't no pretty. Clips posting that she's seen nick song to him Sunday while holding his hand. As I say the last line they'll give you hell they don't you let them Killian might not without a fight live your life. I smiled because he definitely put up a fight a love you for ever and always my sweet man. The tributes are just pouring in this morning tributes have admiration. Lin Manuel Miranda the Hamilton start tweeting devastating what a loss what do light whole heart with Amanda and his family. Actress Viola Davis writing. Rest in peace nick Cordero my condolences to you and Amanda saying how sorry she is for the little one my heart is with you. And it finally Zach Braff who is a former costar in a best friend tweeting out that that nick had asked him the last thing he ever treated. Are asked for was for him to look out for his wife and one year old son I promise the world they will never want for any days. I feel incredibly grateful to have had nick Cordero in my life. Just so much pain and heartbreak being felt. Every where George and I have to tell you once again a reminder that the court that the corona virus. Is very serious and can be very devastating. Sad sad reminder that OK Dan thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Cordero, 41, had been on a ventilator in a Los Angeles hospital since early April, and sustained several lung infections and required a leg amputation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71625715","title":"Broadway star Nick Cordero dies after long battle with COVID-19","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/broadway-star-nick-cordero-dies-long-battle-covid-71625715"}