Everything to know about collagen

Collagen is having its moment as a buzzy wellness trend.
3:33 | 06/20/19

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Transcript for Everything to know about collagen
Collagen is really experiencing quite PR bone collagen collagen. And does collagen protein helps you build powerful list collagen supplements the year of the oh how lenient. Collagen if you go back to your basic biochemistry. Or biology class. Is a structural protein and it's found all over the body it's part of our hair thinner skin its muscles tendons. Some joins it's a lot of places it's being considered as you know kind of did the holy Grail. In anti aging kind of like a fountain youth type of change as we age we lose collagen and collagen kind of acts as the structural support. Under our skin and so it read verses sagging and and wrinkling so it. You can see why it's kind of being considered you know the fountain of I think one of the common misconceptions about college and is that it can cure anything and everything and that's just not true I mean when you hear something like that in medicine and science that sounds too good to be true it usually is too good to be true this area of anti aging medicine that is also not a recognized. Legitimate medical specialty there are people who are doing. Various anti aging. It procedures and treatments and techniques but that is not board certified specialty in medicine. At this time. Collagen can be found. Every where today powder is probably the most common supplement form we have to remember. That because it is a dietary supplement it is not regulated by the FDA but if you go into your organic foods store or your vitamin shop you'll seat. All sorts of college and how voters. Usually they are marketed for beauty purposes so for healthier appearing skin nails. Hair back and put powder is probably the most common or popular supplemental form although you can see it and a lot of things from rocks to. Capsules. Really everything even topical application and I think that this is something that in general there are no major risks. To trying college and powder or college and supplements with any nutritional supplement you should always proceed with caution. She always discuss any supplements being taped with your health care provider and understand it because they are largely unregulated there is absolutely no way of knowing if what you're paying for is actually in there if it's fewer. How much of it is in there so it's kind of unchartered territory. You know I think it. College and is interesting collagen is exciting if we could find a way to replace college in that we lose as we age that would be incredible rate now people are basically left to apply it to their skin or ingested in powder form and whether or not. That we'll have any actual benefit. Is TVD to be determined at you have to consider the risks involved wishes not only spending money and wasting money. But possibly having some kind of interaction with some other ingredient that need be in the collagen. That you may be taking an in general college and is incredibly safe so it's generally difficult to get into trouble with. We're taking it.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Collagen is having its moment as a buzzy wellness trend. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63821964","title":"Everything to know about collagen ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/collagen--63821964"}