Dr. Ian Smith shares easy and healthy lunch options to help break COVID fatigue

With summer approaching, the author of "Fast Burn: The Power of Negative Energy Balance" shares his top pieces of advice to stay healthy.
4:12 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Dr. Ian Smith shares easy and healthy lunch options to help break COVID fatigue
Back now on "Gma" and the pandemic has many of us feeling sluggish and with summer just two months away now is a great time to refresh your diet. Dr. Ian Smith author of "Fast burn: The power of negative energy balance" joins us with tips to get back on track this morning. Good morning, doc. Thank you for joining us. Good morning. We'll start the buildings blocks of a healthy diet. The two most important nutrients we should focus on? Well, you know, listen this, plan is all about diversity. It's a nine-week plan, every day is spelled out for you. Tongues of foods, tons of options, vegan, vegetarians, peskatarian, everyone can follow but the two most important ingredients are fiber and protein. Hey make you feel full longer, they help your digestion and help you lose weight faster. It's important to have a healthy start to your day. You have a smoothie with apples. How does this recipe help us burn fat? Yeah, the signature drink of the program is called the burner smoother. Lots of easy recipe, very affordable. You can see here it has blueberries, it has baby spinach, lemon, banana, a little coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, apples and apple juice or apple cider. All these different antioxidants and fiber and vitamins combine to help you burn fat. In fact, we have 2,000 people do the plan earlier about 15 to 17 pounds on average is the weight loss in nine weeks. People love that there's so much food and so much diversity and the burner smoothie is a great way to burn that fat and start your day with a lot of energy. Wow, a lot of weight to lose. You encourage folks to eat every two to three hour, not full meals but snacks, so what are some good and easy snacks? Yes, we love snacks on "Fast burn." You get three snacks a day, three meals a day, they're a lot of fun, 100, 150 calories, here I have some snap peas here which are wonderful and some hummus so you get your fiber, your protein, 150 calories or less, very convenient. Very transportable. I also have for those that have a sweet tooth chocolate covered blueberries. They are awesome. You can make them yourself, buy them but tons of antioxidants in those blueberry. Working from home a lot are working from home which leaves them less motivated so what are some easy healthy lunch options. Yeah, so we have 30 recipes in the book. Some have meat. Some don't have meat. Some are vegetarian so here's a nice lentil soup, tons of nonanimal protein, easy to fix, the recipe is 45 minutes or list in the book. This is one of my favorites and the recipe in the book too, the Greek energy bowl so you have chicken, if you want to have meat protein, you have cucumbers, tomatoes, brown rice, quinoa, olives, some avocados, crumbled feta and nice balsamic vinaigrette, tons of protein and fiber and makes you feel good with all that energy. One thing important, staying hydrated. You have an easy way. What is it? So many people are not hydrating well. So lemon water is the trick. Lemons are full of vitamin C. They have antioxidants, they really can help you feel good. Get your digestive system moving. When you drink water before each meal you expand your stomach so you actually hit those stretch receptors and get full faster on fewer calories. On our Facebook group we have a challenge called the fast burn challenge, follow it. It's free and I'll take you through nine weeks of the program to help you. How many books is this now you've written? Well, this is number 20, so it's my biggest and boldest diet plan for number 20 so I want to help people get ready for the summer. We're all sick of that quarantine 15. Here we go. Ready to go and burn that fat really fast. Get ready to put on that speedo, I guess. Whoo. Thank you, appreciate and "Fast burn: The power of negative energy balance" is available now. You can get these recipes on our website at goodmorningamerica.com. You stay right there.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"With summer approaching, the author of \"Fast Burn: The Power of Negative Energy Balance\" shares his top pieces of advice to stay healthy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77039372","title":"Dr. Ian Smith shares easy and healthy lunch options to help break COVID fatigue","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/dr-ian-smith-shares-easy-healthy-lunch-options-77039372"}