Are you experiencing signs of COVID-19? Here’s what to do once you know them

Cardiologists and authors of “Am I Dying?! A Complete Guide to Your Symptoms and What to Do Next” break down different scenarios of symptoms from “chill” to contacting your doctor immediately.
7:39 | 09/17/20

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Transcript for Are you experiencing signs of COVID-19? Here’s what to do once you know them
We're gonna move through all the potential symptoms of co in nineteen that you might experience and if you have them or help you understand ready should. Itself they'll make an appointment to see your doctor or or maybe even half that over the emergency room. People expulsion of the union's. House of infections Sprewell actually. Discharge from an all were diagnosed until I. Clearly if you do it and EUI symptoms of infection each Britney hurts when uplink. You should get in touch with your doctor but also one of the possibilities it could be your purse and coat and. I'm describes that. One of the early symptoms of code and in any sudden loss of taste it's now to understand how that works exactly first you have to appreciate that a lot of taste as we experience is actually it's now. May notice when your stuffy nose from a cold. It through just doesn't quite taste right now because so much what we experience as taste is actually. Aromas from the food in your mouth getting up to your nose just connected your mountain arsenal still for reasons that are not entirely clear. Code any eating in the absence of a stuffy nose or clearer no symptoms. Can expect your sense it's now. And when it does that you can lose the sense of smell and you can also use your sense tastes. I wouldn't panic about it it's possible that you. At a loss of taste smell because allergies and stuffy nose. But in the narrow heightened sensitivity. Never a bad idea to ask your doctor should test it. Fatigue is also common symptom that old want to buses. Even before Coca-Cola did not only is an infectious disease problem but a lot of people who were isolated. And happen. To outsource your answer he also depressed. A lot at any time. So that he could obviously be a sign in his assignment of other causes of its. Our not sleeping well thanks so yeah. Sort of some degree of insomnia giving up multiple times near constant while you cook each. All day long to do obviously goes going to category if you could chill pill traditionally. Severity of it. Is how quickly comes on if you did you agree also in the last year to YouTube and PT to repel foreign match each sleep unless they can be much more serious. It is sign opposite action off the assignment thyroid problem or. By the way I should point out is perfectly normal to fall asleep while you're listening to mark talk. Yelling that all of your muscles are eking and that's something that we in the medical Cheney called my Al China's. Is actually very common symptom when you haven't action Ireland actions in particular can cost us most of the time I would say they can chill pill is hardly have any other symptoms you have a borderline Yves Herman no call shortness of breath. It's probably. Like the flu or something and you should just. You know maybe take an extra help work and then. Again miracle in nineteen. So important. And that we identify cases early so that people weren't acting career easily. More so than Ari. If you do make up 1 morning in yours or all of your entire body. And there's no you know recent work out to explain that even if you know and other symptoms. Are now about potentially co cast. It's also very common symptom even before cope in Tokyo a cough. And you're itchy eyes and they'll run you know lose I could just being wanted to know which solution to ensure. Chica. This year it gets better if you obvious Seattle coffee or bringing up. It means you don't Wear yellow spewed from Iran the know pneumonia or prompt us to eat me up appointment or or you bury its beaver. So shortness of breath is very. Troubling symptom because it can represent many different major health problems including Kobe nineteen but other problems also affect the heart and the lungs. So if you feel like maybe over the past few months you've had just very gradual. Onset. Feeling a little shorter breath when you exert yourself. You know that that could just be that you've gotten shape and they just get more active again and you'll still matter. But if you feel like there's been a pretty significant change or shorter time period for example hours days a week or last. And something he could easily do a few days ago now makes you feel pretty windy and that's concerning and you definitely easier doctor about that as possible. It's possible you could have coded and if you have other symptoms. Like fever cough that was certainly get stuck at a higher a higher on the list. On the other hand people are still having heart disease and lung disease I'm related to coated during the pandemic and you wanna maturity you're not missing something there. Sore throat is also a very common sense we've all had a few Rica in the morning and you have a scratchy throats. And you drink some water that goes on what he likely your room is to draw it. My humidifier can put some of its in New York City to. Come all of wonder when an hour heater nanny humidifier I old country. He scratchy throat and you also had to achieve this nobody knows your sore throat can be assigned the coaches. The cure the sore throat with a high fever cough muscle pain Gillick fluid and it could actually be the poor can be in nineteen ancient. It called the tests you should. Pretty much everybody watching us I'm sure has a fever and point their lives you know it's uncomfortable. And fevers are frequently caused by infections and if you have one it's possible that you have cook in nineteen. Fever can be caused by als or other viruses and bacteria on actions to fevers can also sometimes just being caused by exchange stress on the body from other medical issues. Average by temperatures using and that 9899. Degrees ranged from sometimes people just fine and a hundred point four or greater and higher with fever and more likely there is to be serious problems fever a hundred freer under four. Is really serious issue again in Egypt Cody nineteen and the importance epidemiological. Way of tracking and limiting inspections I would take off fever seriously and ask your doctor if you get a code of nineteen tax. It's clear that mile beach or would you still need to keep up with your mammograms. Your colonoscopy. Routine checks. You could see a doctor multiple weeks if you don't feel comfortable going to authors and could try to get video appointment with the doctor and what phone call. I believed strongly encourage people to not let their guard down the virus is still out there and circulating and if we. Starts you move away from social distancing it will come back with a vengeance as it did at the beginning of the year. We passed slowly to protect ourselves but also to protect other people in peace. Don't realize that here Coakley positive that were pre symptomatic or decent in. People should keep their guard not because the longer we do that more likely it is equaled anguish this completely and gets to be home. An eventual vaccine out it will really allow us an act life as it once once and for all creating economic.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"Cardiologists and authors of “Am I Dying?! A Complete Guide to Your Symptoms and What to Do Next” break down different scenarios of symptoms from “chill” to contacting your doctor immediately. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73062881","title":"Are you experiencing signs of COVID-19? Here’s what to do once you know them ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/experiencing-signs-covid-19-heres-73062881"}