'GMA' Train My Way: Get vacation confident

Tone House coach Alonzo Wilson shares a high-intensity, at-home workout.
6:03 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for 'GMA' Train My Way: Get vacation confident
Times that's right now. No offense and I vacate the cycle it usually. Monica height hair they like a fight game Thursday I just thought it has have he. I want to increase play my Davida. The help me get through those activities. Everything inside Tomas predicated on movement for you have to give the body movement heart problems can be a lot of fun. Wins the warm up started I thought about what we're knowing she. What we're gonna actually do would have three actual classes received an intent here until half Ralston who won a one train twice we can Tilson of assessment doctor camp for recovery to give her body ready for their rigorous week hardest part. I would think that the finish. That you used car for her is going to be. The workout after he gets through about two weeks of it. We are here because Christine is on vacation we have thirty days your report and all sorts of different exercises. It's a sport sports facilities and compared to work device give their prey. I'm could. But if there is how apple it was. Maybe trust. PTV. It's worked out and goat goat though. Any. We'll. Aides our. Eight ago. Aren't going yeah okay okay. Michael Baird before you don't seem good and can this guy will be. Now everybody day by night bringing and I just. So easy there clan. Kate yeah. So people here and it's quite delicious actually grin. Yeah. I we're day. You haven there's this whole process thank I regret everything. I bite parents might find her at them hungry like I want. Quit. Com. Just take conditioning to end their lives it was one of the hardest that's my life. We have a great time that's going to be a lot of fun of course club I'm in front of slows on site. Access. That is going to be. An exciting that. Healy says it's fun and exciting desperately. And Oakland. Funny thing that will be the. I'm just so happy it's over them. Monday. And aches and because I'm about to blow my next vacation. And actually and in our lakes. And the four day vacation and it's pretty nice packing and communities. Townhouse to the guys they're actually. They're going on this hiking and by game. Taking vacation highway and definitely changed religious conflict and then possibly preakness pure belief it. Christiane has been amazing she's went above and beyond. She takes. No just sort of caught the jets think the obvious class which is you know quite frankly the most savage group of people you can possibly imagine but they're also. She found out that they're very encouraging as well. Two glances over a game tying. It's really hurt holding up the parents. Memento. Body aches. Still use it takes. Persons about 21 days where you make it happen in the third inning deficit format and with a healthy habit like working out and take care of your body. It's something that Google. It's been thirty days let's check on personal affront. Any. Where actors haven't trained. Put me in my. Allotment. Everything I'm not. And I am tank he knew everything that caught my name. It's seen factor. I know you can do better and OK I got that you know what that means so much from the my conferences with you know down here and you you put me up here. I was very honored. You know you hear working out of me in that we're able to. People are dialogue I wanna keep monitoring and making sure that you reach your ultimate goal. Four infants. And thank you so much again. That board would protect them going. Wanna see from reading news and bad I honestly if you if you if it's good in the bed they do much he meal. Thank you somewhere or there's. Angry. Steenland because. US stronger yeah yeah.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"Tone House coach Alonzo Wilson shares a high-intensity, at-home workout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60336876","title":"'GMA' Train My Way: Get vacation confident","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/gma-train-vacation-confident-60336876"}