Whole grain versus white: Which grain is best for you?

Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner discusses the pros and cons of eating rice, bread and pasta.
3:39 | 08/29/18

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Transcript for Whole grain versus white: Which grain is best for you?
our series supermarket D taking a look at gra ce to bread to pasta with dawn welce back. You. Let'set definitions down describe whole grains. W gins has three but white grains are passed remove two of thosets white grains are a lot less nutritious and white rice. Letalk aboutrice. So in genera you'r looking a orwn rice they're cis for a cup. Sameories buthere the differenomes is brown R has a lot more fiber.x mes more fiberte rice.yes, and mineral, I love at. I've never seen people excited. Wholenges, baby eah, they reallyre more nutritious inmainals. More magazine yeast yum and zinc.ite grainsre emp calorie, right you T aot more nutriti with the wgrain. Let's talk aboutbrd. Here wego. White, we have whole wheatnd we have whole grain. Sohole wheatnd whole grain are in the same fami ag lt this. About 80alories a slice similar in calorie but really therition I so different. In thele grain versions you'll getike THR the fiber.double the protein. Agaigain and so when you get fiber and protein, cool thing is you get full so -- It's help on a ot oe a it but as long a get to whole grain- this is is a big Thi I wa to teach everybody. Ads it has to 100% wheat or whole what does that mean. Wheat meansre's just wheat in there. It D't mean wgrain. Lot redient list and see. Just because it's browning doesn't meant's whole wheat. Hav to look for the word whole, who whole. Got it. We all got that, right? Thank you. We'll talk Abo pasta. Pasta, here's whathave here. White past whole wheat pasta the others, th white pasta is going to be the least knew nishs. The wholrain Wil have T time fi we H learned this bere. Here is the big aha is this bean-based pas only has moiber butas two times th protein. It is protein packed, right? Thatat news, great news. I LE how you crow up. Hole complain-- grains are fun,n. For a taste test? Let's see -- you got to closeur eye. Te to ea Brint Michael. Bring out Michael. Chael, here's thefork. Should I put it on the for for should I fd him. Right. Do know whi one that at -- ay, I don'tow. I'm going toeal R. How am I going to give himhis one?uh-oh. Sorry about that. You gaveim a lot of pasta. I that was bean tl we haveim for. Oh, no. Right on erone. He was right on the bean.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner discusses the pros and cons of eating rice, bread and pasta.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57471515","title":"Whole grain versus white: Which grain is best for you?","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/grain-versus-white-grain-best-57471515"}